10 Step Skincare: Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion Review

Monday, September 18, 2017

Finally back to complete this series! Okay! So if you're done breaking down those dry skin, it's time to dampen your skin so it can absorb a bit more moisture. The best way to do it is to use a toner.

People often ask, "why is it important to tone?" Well, it's simple. There are so many factors that can dry your skin quite easily. Imagine a sponge. When it's dry, you can feel how hard its texture is. So you won't add the soap first just because it will not easily absorb it. What you will do is you will add water to it until it's ready to take the soap. Same with our skin works, it doesn't hydrate easily if it hasn't been moisturized properly. You have to dampen it before it can be fully moisturized. This is where the toner comes it. It helps your skin to take in all the skincare products you will use after. Plus, it's supposed to balance the pH levels of your skin.

So now, I will introduce you to one of my go-to toners which is Rohto's Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion. It has the following benefits which I absolutely love:
  • It has Vitamin C.
  • It's hydrating and moisturizing.
  • It's an acne skin care for a clear and healthy skin.
  • It has a long-lasting oil-absorbing power.
This toner has an advanced Acnoplex formula with 4X fighting power which helps break pimple-formation so you can have a clear, smooth, and healthy skin. It also has Salicylic acid (BHA), a pimple-clearing ingredient that will deeply penetrate to unclog pores, dry up pimples, and help prevent zits, blackheads, whiteheads before they become big annoying pimples. It is sure to do the following as well:
  • Oil control: Its unique duo-phase formula absorbs excess sebum instantly to maintain fresh and shine-free skin all day.
  • Lighten scars: It has Vitamin C to brighten up your skin and lighten up those acne scars.
  • Hydration: It has aloe vera extract to hydrate and lock in moisture.
  • Low irritation, no coloring

What I do is I shake the bottle first to mix that powder in then I'll dab some on a cotton pad. I swipe it gently in a circular and upward motion on my skin while slightly patting it with the pad (if you know what I mean). If you prefer using your hands, you can also put some on your palms and pat onto your face but make sure to avoid the eye area.

I really like how my skin feels clean and nice after every use. It's like my security blanket--whenever I get breakouts due to stress or my hormones acting up, I always switch to this and ignore my other toners. It will always be on my shelf no doubt about it. After application, my skin doesn't feel tight or I just had a botox. Saktong-sakto lang (just enough). Also, I can see the changes and how it easily dries up my pimples except for the cystic ones which usually take quite a while (patience is really a virtue). When it comes to scent, it has a citrusy smell which is okay with me. I'm not really bothered by it. But more than moisturizing, I do feel like it does dry up my skin a bit so I make sure to use moisturizer afterward. If you're acne-prone or oily skin, you might want to add this to your growing list of must-try products. Trust me, it goes on.

Recommended usage:
  • Use it as your toner or the fourth step in your routine.
  • Use it twice a day.
  • Use it when you're breaking out.
Apologies if I have fewer photos because, to be honest, this batch of images are not the results I expected from my impromptu shoot a few months ago. I really don't have a good lighting source at home. That's a challenge I have to fix soon! Anyway, I hope this is helpful on why it's important to tone and if you're coincidentally looking for a similar product. Let me know your thoughts below!

Love lots, xx

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