Spotlight Feature: The Lost Dacomé Files #2 - Ethandun by Alexandra May

Monday, May 01, 2017

So remember when I reviewed The Lost Dacomé Files: The Battle for Arcanon Major (you can read it here)? Alexandra May messaged me a while back and I think it was during my trip in Korea. I got excited because she kept tabs and would love for me to review her new book. It was out last March 01 and I can't wait! I'm looking forward to have her over Style Reader for an interview or a guest post. We'll see. I'll be putting some sneak peek information below, enough for you all to get pumped up to read her next novel. I really hope it's better than the first installment.
Title: The Lost Dacomé Files #2 - Ethandun
Author: Alexandra May
Release Date: March 01, 2017 (Amazon); March 15, 2017 (All other online stores)


ETHANDUN By Alexandra May

In 2011 Alexandra May released her first novel, Elemental: The First. The response was immense. The world of Young Adult literature was stuck in the paranormal phenomenon thanks to works like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, and Ms May’s book stuck a new chord in the genre. Elemental: The First wasn’t about vampires or werewolves. It was about a mitochondrial eve with gifted abilities. The first known homo-sapien born 200,000 years ago mixed with a touch of science fiction and regenerating gene, a new paranormal species was born.

Alexandra May created a YA Fantasy that was not only original but very different and book bloggers and readers enjoyed the variety.

Since then, Ms May has carried on with the Elemental series but also started a ‘back story’ series called The Lost Dacomé Files. In 2013 The Battle for Arcanon Major was released. The success was different from Elemental: The First. Not only were readers not of Young Adult range, they were mostly older and more male! The Battle told a Sci-Fi fantasy story of a young woman trying to save her people from extinction. With a father as the planet’s ruler, and weak to boot, Halíka Dacomé must do what she can to beat off the enemy and when her friends from nearby planets join in the fight, it changes the course of the battle. It may have won the war but the outcome isn’t something anyone would have imagined.

Fast forward three years and Alexandra May has written another exciting addition to this series. On March 1st 2017, Ethandun went live on Amazon. On March 15th it also became available from all other online stores around the world.

Ethandun is the tale of England’s famous battle between King Alfred the Great and Guthrum, warlord of the Danes. For generations the Danes have been ransacking the English shores and inlands plundering, pillaging and killing all those in their wake. But the 9th century decisive battle a whole other plot is taking place.

I am Stone. I am Iron. I am Oak. 
Lord Tristan Dracanburh has a secret. A secret nobody knows except his family and his teacher, Halíka Dacomé. A secret he's kept hidden but one that could get him killed if discovered. 
The year is A.D. 878. Danes rule the great Kingdoms of Northumbria, East Anglia and Mercia. The only great Kingdom left in the way of a new Scandinavian Empire—and ruled by Tristan’s father, is Wessex. 
On the eve of the battle of Ethandun, Halíka Dacomé and Lord Tristan capture a Danish spy by using Tristan's unique gift. The spy discloses details of a plot to kill Halíka Dacomé and her unborn child. Nerído Xipilé and his army of nine hundred Kievan Rus' elves have joined the warlord Guthrum's armies to eliminate the Dacomé bloodline for eternity. Halíka Dacomé must die before the Danes can rule Britain. 
Now Lord Tristan and Halíka Dacomé with the King's help have only a few hours before their dawn battle march to thwart their opponent’s plans. Lord Tristan must decide if he’s willing to expose his secret to secure the Danes defeat and win Wessex back. 
The cost will be higher than anyone can imagine.
The story is original and fresh. It doesn’t matter whether you know your history or are a newbie. The plot will carry you along until you are buried within the story and willing the good guys to win.

Alexandra May says “Writing Ethandun was a very important part of my process. I’ve recently had a hiatus from the writing world and so Ethandun proved a great way to immerse myself back into it. As a lover of English history, King Alfred is one of my all time heroes even though he doesn’t have a lot of page time in this book. The story is also set in my beloved Wiltshire, the setting for all my books, so writing Ethandun was like coming home again.”
Why readers should choose Ethandun? 
Do you like battles, dragons, druids, fae and magic? Then you’ll love the story of Lord Tristan Dracanburh – the last of the Hy-Brasil druids who also has a well-known father. 
Ethandun is a fairytale retelling of the battle of Ethandun, which happened in southern England many, many years ago. When the Danes took over most of Europe and most of England (as it was then) only one King stood up to them and won. This is the story told from his son’s point of view.
In writing Ethandun, Alexandra May has extended her world of Elementals (the gifted mitochondrial eve), included a host of heart-warming characters, and weaved a mythical tale that will be surprising but rewarding to any reader, young or old.

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About the Author:
Alexandra May is an English young adult and sci-fi author of four books, bringing together the epic saga of a mythic mitochondrial Eve, Halíka Dacomé, and her modern day equivalent, Rose Frost.

Elemental: The First, Elemental: Origin. The Battle for Arcanon Major and Ethandun draw in Alexandra’s love of strong women characters, sci-fi, history, romance and a little warmongering on the side!

For the Algarve Press:
Alex has lived in the Algarve for 20 years, and has worked for companies up and down the coast. She now writes novels full time. Ms May lives with her husband, Paul, and her furry friends (one dog and two cats) near Vilamoura.

For Wiltshire Press:
Alex lived in Southwick, Wiltshire for most of her childhood. Her job with Midland Bank (now HSBC) saw her working in the Warminster, Trowbridge and Melksham branches. In 1995 Ms May decided to further her travelling ambition and moved to Greece. Since then she explored Madeira and finally settled in the Algarve, Portugal where she has never left.

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Make sure to check out this book!

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