Book Review: The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe & Jerry B. Jenkins

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe & Jerry B. Jenkins
(Started: December 20, 2015; Finished: December 30, 2015)

You'll love joining in the adventures of The Glass Castle, brand-new from Trisha White Priebe and Jerry Jenkins, where the setting from The Chronicles of Narnia meets the action from Alice in Wonderland. The king is growing old and is concerned about who will replace him. His new wife wants to produce an heir to the throne. The only problem? Thirteen years ago, the king’s first wife gave birth to a son, and no one knows for sure what happened to him. Rumors swirl throughout the castle. The solution as simple: dispose of all the thirteen-year-olds in the kingdom. Except, it isn’t that easy. Avery and her friends won’t go quietly. Avery, Kate, Tuck, and Kendrick take charge of the underground network of kidnapped children, inspiring them to believe that their past does not dictate their future and pledging to do the hardest thing of all. . .reunite the children with the homes they left behind. When they discover that one among them might be the child of a man who wants them dead, will everything they work for be lost? (From Goodreads)

Review: 4 stars
Publication Date: March 1, 2016
Source: Barbour Publishing, Inc.: Shiloh Run Press through Netgalley
Shelf: Goodreads

The Glass Castle, written by Trisha White Priebe & Jerry B. Jenkins, was by far one of my best reads last 2015. It was a nice young adult mystery story that will keep your curiosity spiked. Reading its first few pages got my mind wired up that I devoured each page with a bookworm's delight. I even shared a bit of the synopsis with a friend of mine because it was too good. I feel like I was in a reading schlump that finding this in a dusty to-be-read list was like finding a rare gem.

This book is just appropriate for tweens or teens. The play of words and the writing style are both suitable for their comprehension. Also, it has a very lively depiction of the setting, the period, etc. that you would most likely feel like you're being transported in the book. Plot-wise, it was full of chapters with numerous cliff-hangers that I found myself on the edge of my seat. I can't help but read more and more of it to find clues and figure out the answers to all of my questions.

I can't wait for the next book. It's definitely a good start and I am looking forward to what's in store for me next. I recommend this book to those who likes a bit of fantasy and mystery, and who had enough of insta-love in their YA books.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Love lots, xx

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