Isla Arena: A Paradise All To Yourself

Saturday, May 30, 2015

What is the best way to spend your remaining leaves from 2014? Rent your own island! You hear that right!
We went to Palawan last March 27 - 30 to unwind. As soon as we arrived in Puerto Princesa, we were served by some kakanin. It was all made that morning in preparation for our arrival. I tell you that puto was heaven. I think I almost finished a pack because it was that good.
Then we traveled by land to the port. I think it took an hour or two before we reached the docks to transfer to our boat ride to Arena Island. It took us another hour or more to reach the island. The current was also too strong so we experienced that feeling wherein it felt like we've been there for hours but it didn't feel like moving.
It was totally worth the wait because even if we are feeling the fatigue of traveling, we can't wait to see what's in store for us in this island. We were welcomed with puka shells, cold buko juice, and a damp towel to help us freshen up.

Since we arrived in the afternoon, we just went out to the beach to swim for a bit and to disconnect to the world.
The next day, we were out to snorkel and to release some baby sea turtles. Isla Arena is like a sanctuary for sea turtles. If you explore the island, you will see some green boxes with dates on it. Up close you will see nothing inside it. Well, if you saw a green box in a particular spot, it means a sea turtle laid its eggs there.

They gave us two sea turtles each. The left one is a kicker and the other one is too sleepy or lazy to move.
We watched them swam towards the sea and I felt so happy to see them go. You will see their heads pop up every now and then to breathe. I was so happy to see my first turtle being the first one to go further. What a brave little one. I hope he/she reaches his/her home safely. I know he will because I believe he/she is a survivor like the others.
It was so beautiful under the sea. Even if I'm not a pro when it comes to swimming, I still went as far as I can just to see God's creation. It was truly breath-taking. I even wish I could reach them and go up close. The kuya who assisted us informed us that they caught a horseshoe crab! Kabuto, I choose you! If I remember it correctly, I think it was as old or even older than dinosaurs.

When it comes to food, we definitely felt spoiled. You'll feel like a VIP in an instant. Every day, we had breakfast, snack, lunch, merienda, and dinner. All the meals were freshly prepared and cooked for us. There was never a time that they served the same food for us. We totally binged on the fresh seafood that varies from mussels, clams, crabs, fish, and lobsters. How can you say no to that? Aside from that, our meals were also served in different spots of the beach, from under the treehouse, up the tree house, in our veranda, inside the casita, near the beach, and under the stars. 

They even let us have a bonfire, a place to stargaze, and a karaoke night!

This is a sea turtle and they were present in the island during the time of our stay. Unfortunately for me and Nike, we were scheduled for a massage when there was a spotting of the sea turtle. Our company even saw her laid eggs! So lucky! I only saw her when she was still in the sea and checking the island for a good spot. Well, maybe next time. I swear that I will definitely go back to see them.
Aside from the relaxing and fun vacation Isla Arena offered, we also learned a lot about sea turtles--from how they create decoy spots, to laying their eggs, to protecting it. I swear I was in full on marine biologist mode to study them.
There were also other wildlife to see and appreciate. We saw chickens all over the place, and also a peacock and a peahen! You can also play volleyball, maybe badminton, and frisbee in the area. We weren't able to try it but yes, Isla Arena is jam packed with activities that will truly make your trip worth it!

Arena Island / Isla Arena
(02) 401 9778

I hope to upload more photos soon! Our first summer hurrah was definitely one for the books because of our Arena Island experience!

Love lots, xx

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