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Friday, April 05, 2013

Here is a compilation of updates and information regarding Fashion, Books, Movies and the blog. Another random post for you guys. Enjoy!


I've been wanting to post this but hadn't got the time to squeeze it in before and you've probably heard about this already, but to those who haven't here you go. The Harry Potter books are getting a new look to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the U.S. publication of the Sorcerer's Stone. Scholastic will be releasing the new set on September. Aside from this, they will also release a complete set of the Hogwarts Library on November. The sales will support two charities: Lumos and Comic Relief. Clearly, the magic never ends.
APRIL 1 -- Happy birthday to these two! I hope you spread as much mischief last April Fools!
MARCH 30 -- Happy birthday to the actor playing our favorite adorable giant, Robbie Coltrane!
(Source: Mugglenet)
I've only heard that she will be portraying Belle in the Beauty and the Beast live action adaptation but according to Mugglenet, she will also be playing Ariel of the Little Mermaid. I am so excited to see the outcome since I love Emma and I am a Disney Kid. Too bad she turned down Cinderella but what the heck! She'll be playing my two favorite Disney Princesses!
(Source: Mugglenet)
Another great news to all the Potterheads out there, JK Rowling announced a Potter related charity project that will be focus on the twins and their life after leaving Hogwarts. It will be in comic form which is new and really exciting plus it will again benefit the charity, Lumos. It is a win-win for us, yes?


(Source: Mugglenet)
Though I have not read the book yet, it was already announced that The Casual Vacancy will be adapted by BBC as a mini series. Recently, BBC has announced a few names that will be included in the cast of the said series. Here is the list from Mugglenet:
Samantha Mollison- Minnie Driver
Terri Weedon- Helena Bonham Carter
Colin "Cubby" Wall- David Thewlis
Parminder Jawanda- Indira Varma
Vikram Jawanda- Raza Jaffrey
Stuart “Fats” Wall- Alex Etel


One of the bestselling Young Adult series will be adapted as a TV series under Fox. It was planned to be turned into a movie but turned out it was best suited for television. I guess a thorough exploration and wide expansion of the story will be expected.
(Source: Tumblr)
I am quite excited for this since they will cast Emma Roberts as the lead protagonist. I have been wanting her to portray some of my favorite YA female fictional characters and finally her time has come! Must catch up and read the books now!


The long wait is over and the schedule of the release of The Lightning Thief's sequel will be happening this August. Though the three main cast remained, there were some changes and new additions.
(Source: IMDB)

Chiron who was played by Pierce Brosnan will now be portrayed by former Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Merlin star, Anthony Head. The prior was replaced for the reason unknown. I actually love Pierce Brosnan as Chiron because he has that paternal and authoritative aura to him that is perfect for the said character. But I'm looking forward to the transition and how will it affect the franchise. Leven Rambin, also known as Glimmer of the Hunger Games, will play Clarisse who is the feisty daughter of Ares. Well, I did not expect this since I imagined Clarisse as a buff girl that looks like a bully, more like leaning to a masculine personality but then again, I am looking forward on how this will affect the romance between Percy and Annabeth. Last thing, Chris Columbus was ousted by Thor Freudenthal to direct the film. Remember when Chris was also replaced as the director of the Chamber of Secrets? I wonder why. Well, you can't fight a Norse god. Haha. I kid. Here's the official trailer:


(Source: Cinema Blend)
Another reason why I love this year is the release of the film adaptation of one of my favorite book series, The Mortal Instruments. They just released the official trailer and you can watch it here:


The news broke yesterday when Ellen Degeneres announced in her show the big reveal that Disney and Pixar is working on a sequel. The story will revolve on Dory, our favorite forgetful blue tang fish. I am so excited because Dory is one of my favorites and she is truly remarkable. Ellen as Dory won the hearts of the viewers, making us laugh and at the same time touching our hearts in the first film. I am really looking forward to this. Finding Dory will dive into our theaters on November 25, 2015.
Funny how Ellen mentioned the Finding Nemo sequel a lot of times in her show and finally it's gonna happen! So happy for Ellen and for us Disney kids!


Capitol Couture released some teasers through the portraits of the cast of the upcoming sequel of The Hunger Games. They were shown in formal clothes that mark the taste of Capitol Couture. The designs were eccentric but still exudes style and glamour. All the captions and photos are from the Capitol Couture.
Katniss Everdeen: The Girl on Fire melts our hearts in this haute couture masterpiece. Tiers of ruffled organza spill out beneath a chiseled bodice, while a commanding sculpture, adorned with crystals delicately frame your Victor, Katniss Everdeen.
Johanna Mason: Johanna Mason floats on a cascade of nude chiffon with cork fraise and jewels composed of nails—An ensemble reverent to her district.
Finnick Odair: A thin-woven tunic and a sea green, fish skin, skirt drape effortlessly around Finnick Odair. Purposely contrasted with polished leather and weighty footwear complete this brilliant look.
Beetee: Beetee celebrates District 3 in a multi-colored, wire-like plaid vest and paneled slacks. His tube-knot tie, a thoughtful detail, and strapped, black leather boots give this past Victor firm fashion ground to stand on.
Gale Hawthorne: Casual cotton & tweed blanket Gale in traditional District 12 garb. Roughly rolled up sleeves and leather work-boots define this industrial look.
Peeta Mellark: Bold patterns of geometric cuts, layered over a knit collar & gold accents lend an edgy feel to this bespoke suit. Coupled with white slip-on boots, this look embodies both comfort and style for your 74th Victor, Peeta Mellark.
President Snow: President Snow is impeccable in an astute topcoat and savvy leather gloves. Decorated pristinely with a fur caplette and his signature white Rose.
Effie Trinket: Head to heel in couture, Effie enchants in an exploding silhouette of chiffon and organza blooms. Never one to waver in her fashionable footwear, her heel-less boots are shod with a golden horse-shoe platform.
Haymitch Abernathy: Coal dust comes alive in Haymitch’s herringbone ombre homage to District 12. His suit features three-button cuffs, epaulet shoulders & tonal stitching detail.
Cinna: Cinna’s stealth leather jacket and pants streamline this seasoned stylist’s trademarked, mod look. Black leather slip-on boots solidify this fashion hero’s sophisticated impression.
Caesar Flickerman: Dazzling fibers of copper and gold weave the effervescent Caesar Flickerman into this opulent ensemble.
Among them, my favorites are Effie Trinket, Cinna, Peeta Mellark, and Caesar Flickerman's. 

This will be an awesome year for us, bookworms!

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