Interview with Julia Brown of JuliaHeartsU

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

ME ♥ Hi Julia! It is great to be interviewing you! I would love to know more about you and the brand. So first things first: what is JuliaHeartsU all about?
JULIA ♥ JuliaheartsU accessories are statement pieces, and help to jazz up a plain dress or tee-shirt into something both quirky and individual. All collars are hand-sewn by me, and fabrics, beads, leather and feathers are all sourced in the UK, in and around Soho. No two collars are the same. It started life as little gift ideas for friends and I had a word of mouth demand to sell and make more!

ME ♥ What is its goals?
JULIA ♥ To provide trend driven, directional pieces to breathe life into your wardrobe

ME ♥ Who or what inspired you to start this business?
JULIA ♥ My friends inspired me to start my business, and seeing collars over 3 years ago as a trend idea popped out to me

ME ♥ As a shop owner and an artist, what is your daily routine?
JULIA ♥ Well, I have a full time job as a ladies wear garment technologist for a UK based fashion retailer. That keeps me pretty busy Monday-Friday. however as any of my close friends/family will tell you – I sew every day after work and during the weekend! My first port of call in the morning though is my outfit post for WIWT!

ME ♥ Tell us the work environment you have.
JULIA ♥ As it is just me at JuliaheartsU – its very relaxing! I set out all my materials on my living room floor; surrounded by magazines and trend reports I get sewing! My husband is usually playing on his Xbox!

ME ♥ Out of curiosity, what is the story behind the name of your shop?
JULIA ♥ It is from my old twitter handle that crashed a couple of years ago!

ME ♥ What makes your products different from others? Where do you get your inspiration for the designs? Does the current trends influence your designs too? How do you keep it interesting?
JULIA ♥ My collars are different as they are all unique, one off designs. I offer a point of difference as I offer a bespoke design service for each individual. Current trends inspire me but do not lead me. I use materials/colors and trims that I find different to embellish my designs.

ME ♥ Do you have a new line that we can look forward to?
JULIA ♥ Yes. I have started working on more necklace styles, and am collaborating with a jewelry designer Margie&Me.. I also have 5 styles I made exclusively for Mint Flamingo that will soon be stocked online, and 5 that went to Jolly Brown in their Hitchin based store. I am also planning a collaboration with Pretty Disturbia.

ME ♥ Do you have an actual shop that people can visit? If yes, where is it located? If not, do you plan on having one?
JULIA ♥ No shop as of yet! My collars are stocked in Things British, just off Carnaby Street, and you can buy my collars from my website

ME ♥ Let's move on to a more personal note! Do you have a personal blog? If yes, what is it about?
JULIA ♥ Yes – although I’ve not updated it in a while due to my collar business! It is

ME ♥ How do you define your personal style?
JULIA ♥ Very eclectic. I love vintage, and I don’ tend to follow trends myself but like to outfit build with new and old garments! Being a garment tech I make some of my own clothes!

ME ♥ Style staples that you consider your must-haves?
JULIA ♥ Ankle boots. A good watch.
ME ♥ Current trends that you are obsessed about?
JULIA ♥ Studs. Stripes!

ME ♥ 5 bestsellers of JuliaHeartsU?
JULIA ♥ As all styles are quite different I can’t really say there are any bestsellers; but the ‘Four Hearts’ Ltd collection is a new set of 5 collars based on whimsy and opulence. I see these being worn with a plain tee and skinny jeans with a pork pie hat.. Very Hoxton.
ME ♥ What's in your bag?
JULIA ♥ Diary and makeup! I cycle to work so need to keep it light!

ME ♥ Any current reads? All-time favorites?
JULIA ♥ All-time fave book is the Time Traveler's wife, but I finished the Night Circus just before Christmas and loved it!
ME ♥ Current playlist?
JULIA ♥ Not as such, just love to listen to Xfm!

ME ♥ Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you and sharing this piece to the world. More power to the shop!

To see their other designs and for more information about Julia Hearts U:
Visit their shop here
Visit their blog here
Follow them on Twitter here

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