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Friday, October 12, 2012

Remember on my Love Lila giveaway, I asked you guys to hit me up some questions? Well I'll be posting it now. I am so sorry for the delay.
I actually have very sensitive skin as well. I am not really a make-up genius because I am actually starting to learn. When I attended the Majolica Majorca Psychedelicious event (which I haven't posted yet, backlog at its finest), I learn that for us with that type of skin, we should use non-comedogenic products.
According to, non-comedogenic is a term applied to oils, lotions, and skin creams that do not block pores. Non-comedogenic products are also sometimes referred to as non-occlusive. The theory behind using lotions that are non-comedogenic is that by not blocking pores, they will reduce the incidence of pimples.
(Photo: Majolica Majorca Philippines)
I like Majolica Majorca's Pressed Pore Cover 2011. I actually tried it before in the makeover session we had in the event. I wore it the whole day because there was an emergency in my family so we had to stay in the hospital for quite a long time. I felt the need to re-touch and actually the oil during the evening. But throughout the day, my face do not feel heavy and not oily at all. Plus I did not have breakouts after that.

For the office look, I think you should go for something neutral and simple. Whether it's for office or for a casual day out here's what I usually wear:

I sometimes wear some cheek tint. For you, I'll recommend this one because like I said, their products are non-comodogenic and the puffs are actually better than the brush. It does not irritate the skin which avoids skin breakouts.

I use this for my eyebrows which I lack and eyelashes. Because I changed my hair color to brown, which is also starting to fade, brown eyebrows will compliment my hair.
(Photo: Majolica Majorca Philippines)
I know that Indians have very dark and long lashes, so I think what you can use Majolica Majorca's Lash King to make it darker and longer for that very mysterious effect.

With the eyes, if you want something simple and plain just put a liquid eyeliner on it. If you want a little color you can use Majolica Majorca's Jeweling Eyes. Stick with neutral tones, though.
(Photo: Two Crafty Unicorns)
With the lips, I usually use my Two Crafty Unicorns lip balm in vanilla tint then I will apply my Nyx lipstick (Doll/Paris/Louisiana/Snow White) or MAC's Viva La Glam.
Hmm. I actually can't think of any color that I haven't worn yet. I love experimenting and trying out if it suits me. Also with clothing. But you made me think, so I'll have to ponder about this really well and I'll get back to you.
(Photo: Google)
Turning 22 on the 4th of January next year :)

There are six palettes that  would love to wear for fall if given the chance (living in a tropical country; but will do when it starts to be less sunny here).

Red. Black. Brown. Wine. Gold. Cream.

These for me exude elegance and class, whether you'll be wearing a casual or formal outfit. The colors attention but not too striking. All of it could compliment the gloomy and cold season.
I actually had two. I always knock on wood whenever I said something or think of a scenario that I will not like to happen or if I feel that would be unlucky. I also cross my fingers whenever I want something to happen and vice-versa. In our country, there are a lot of superstitions that we do not want to believe in but we sometimes can not ignore. Also when it comes to the meaning of dreams. Like when a glass breaks it means someone close to you might be in danger or when you dreamt of losing a tooth or your teeth or if it falls off, it also means death. There are actually A LOT. But the first two I mentioned are the ones I actually do in a daily basis, sometimes it is turning into a habit.
I know you were referring to my Love Lila giveaway last time! Thank you for joining and watch out for more giveaways soon!
My collection is still small. I actually have 12 pairs in general. :)
I love

I also do visit shops in Facebook and Etsy. Sometimes newsletters from shops help because it can make you see their new arrivals or their current promos.

As cliche as it may seem, I think yellow is always the color that will symbolize happiness. The vibrant hue just makes you want to smile. It reminds us of sunshine.
Thank you for the questions! I enjoy answering them and sharing things about me. I also appreciate and feel flattered when you ask my advice.

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