Interview with the Two Crafty Unicorns

Monday, August 27, 2012

Meet the lovely and creative ladies behind the Two Crafty Unicorns, Nicole Bartley and Jenny Geraghty.
ME ♥ Hi Jenny and Nicole! Before anything else, I would like to thank you for allowing us to interview you to get to know more about your shop and you personally. First things first: What is the Two Crafty Unicorns all about? 
TCU  Two Crafty Unicorns came about in May 2012. Both of us just wanted something to do with our evenings so we decided to make and sell some unique items. We make and sell customized nails, one off pieces of jewelry and accessories.

ME  What is the main goal of your shop?
TCU  We mostly want to be able to offer our customers the choice about what they buy. Our customers can either choose some of the designs we have already made or come up with their own. Mostly we try to give our customers the freedom to create their own designs. That way, they get exactly what they want, be it a piece of beautiful one of a kind jewelry or a set of customized nails to compliment an outfit.

 What or who inspired you to start the business?
TCU  Originally it was Nicole's idea to start this business and we took it from there. The products we make are things that we wouldn't normally have access to on the high street here in Ireland so we wanted to be able to provide a service that not many others were providing.

 You know I love the name of your shop, so I would like to know the story behind the name of your shop. Share how you came up with it.
TCU  It wasn't the easiest thing to do. So many of the names we came up with or wanted were already taken so we had a bit of a brainstorming session and settled on Two Crafty Unicorns.

 Out of curiosity, what is the daily routine for a shop owner?
JENNY   I actually have a full time job so my daily routine with regards to the business would be to get up early, check all the emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etsy and tophatter accounts to check for sales/inquiries. During lunch I normally check out the emails again. After work then I come home and I firstly send out some emails to people about the business, update our Instagram with some of our products and send a tweet or two. After that I usually get to work making any products that have been ordered. Once those are made I spend some time organizing what has to be done the next day and maybe tweet or update our Instagram as well.
NICOLE  I'm unemployed at the minute, so I try to organize materials and make some things for the shop. I also keep track of our Tumblr and weebly pages. I spend most of my day texting and emailing Jenny about new things to make, new things to add to our pages and just general internet surfing trying to find new ideas.

 Tell us the work environment you have.
ME  What are your designated tasks in the shop as partners?
JENNY  I design and make the nails, hand-painted rings, lip balms and shoe clips. We both handle the shipping. I would be more into updating Instagram and Facebook whereas Nic handles the Tumblr account and she also designed our wonderful website.

NICOLE  I make most of the bows and jewelry. I also keep our Tumblr and Weebly page up to date. 

 How does it feel to work with a friend? Does it affect the friendship? Is arguing inevitable and how do you patch up when these occur?
JENNY  Well of course there's bound to be some moments when we don't agree on things but I think at this stage both of us can just tell each other what we think. I think when you're in business together you cant take things personally or you'll very easily fall out over something small and insignificant.
NICOLE  At this stage we both just say what we want to say, there's always gonna be moments where we don't agree but nothing a cuppa tea doesn't sort! Its nice doing something with a friend as well. Love seeing what Jenny whips up!

 When it comes to the accessories, etc., how do you keep your products up to date? When it comes to nail arts, where do you get the inspiration to create designs? Do you have mood boards (whether actual or through social media) to motivate you?
TCU  For the nails and accessories we try to keep an eye on upcoming trends and or course we try to go with the seasonal colors as well for some of our products. Our target market is 18-40 year old women so we have a lot of younger, trendier designs as well as more classic and timeless ones.

 You have a new product which is the lip balm. What can we expect about it? What makes it different from the others? What are the flavors or scent?
TCU  We do indeed. We have 4 new lip balms at the moment. We're just in the early stages of selling these. The balms are Vanilla Tint, Lemon Bomb, Orange Tint and Orange Bomb. 

Vanilla Tint is a Vanilla flavored balm that contains a shimmery pink tint. 

Lemon Bomb is a colorless lemon flavored balm. 
Orange Bomb is a colorless orange flavored balm. 
Orange Tint is an orange flavored balm with a burgundy tint.

We'll hopefully continue to add to the lip balms but for now we have four.
ME  On their favorite scent.
JENNY  Honeysuckle flowers.
NICOLE  I'll go with dettol! :-D

ME  Aside from the lip balms, are there any new products or collections that we can look forward to in the future?
TCU  We'll be bringing out a new range of shoe clips in the near future. Along with some nice new earrings, hair clips, necklaces and hopefully some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fabric bows!

 Let's move on to a more personal note. Do you have your own style blog?
JENNY  No, not yet. Its something that I might think about when we have finished our website and I have a bit more time.
NICOLE  No. I've never really thought about having my own since I have my stuff on Two Crafty Unicorns.

 How do you define your style?
JENNY  My style is probably colorful and girly most of the time. I love wearing pretty dresses and skirts and the brighter the color the better :)
NICOLE  I wear dresses and boots most of the time. Color wise i'm completely opposite to Jenny, I love my black and leopard print clothes!

 What are the key items in your closet? A favorite pieces?
JENNY  Well I suppose, like everyone, I have that one dress that you can wear to anything. Mine is a gorgeous emerald green strapless Karen Millen dress. Its perfect for special occasions. I usually team it with light grey round toe platform stilettos and a light grey sequin bolero. And of course, I wouldn't be going anywhere without a set of beautiful nails.
NICOLE  I have a couple of go to dresses, I like to stick to prom dresses with full skirts. I have my favorite pair of red high heels that I try to match everything with just so I can wear them again!

 As friends, do you share each others' wardrobe? What do you usually 'steal' from each others' closet?
JENNY  We don't really steal from each others wardrobes. I suppose we just have different styles.
NICOLE  We're very different, although I'd love to see Jenny in black clothes!

 Are there any trends that you are currently obsessed about?
NICOLE  I'm obsessed with old English styles. Corsets, full skirts, dinner jackets, pocket watches and top hats! I don't think they would suit me very well though. Nor do I have money to dress in those styles sadly.

 6 top picks from your shop and how would you, personally, style them?
JENNY  Bow Shoe Clips
Polka dot and bow nails

Blue leopard print ring


ME  Any current reads?
NICOLE  I'm glued to James Patterson books at the minute, cant read them fast enough.

 Just for fun: Harry Potter or Twilight?
JENNY  I suppose I'll go with Harry Potter, I've read more of those books.
NICOLE  I'll go with Harry Potter books, even though I was in love with the Twilight books when they came out.

 Thank you so much for your time and we're looking forward to see more of your shop! You are dolls for letting me share a few tidbits about you. More power to your shop!

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