Interview with Sameena Bruce of Love Lila

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

ME ♥ Hi Sameena! Before anything else, I would like to thank you for allowing me to interview you to get to know more about your shop and you personally. So here's my first question. What is Love Lila all about?
SAMEENA  Love Lila is a new online fashion boutique, our aim is provide affordable, stylish fashion that is chic as well as cheap. There are loads of cheap fashion online retailers about but many of them sell cheap, low-quality products, we wanted to give customers good quality products but also a good range of collections that's why we have the shop by style section, as it allows people to choose what style their after whether its classic fashion or something more on-trend. There's something to suit everyone's style.

ME  What is the main goal of your shop?
SAMEENA  To provide luxe for less everyday fashion!

ME  What or who inspired you to start the business?
SAMEENA  I have always wanted to run my own business, its been a long-term ambition. Coming from a fashion background I felt that I had the necessary experience & skills to go-ahead and start an e-boutique. I love fashion & it's the industry I want to be and remain in.

ME  An interesting thought I would like to know is the story behind the name of your shop. Care to tell us a little something about it.
SAMEENA  Ah well, the reason behind the name of the boutique is that I have a little girl named Lila! I was in the process of planning the business whilst I was pregnant, and I was thinking of loads of different names, but then it just came to me, Love Lila! I thought it was cute to name it after her, but also it has a great ring to it, quite catchy I think. Although a lot of people tend to pronounce it as Lee-la when it is in fact Ly-la! Just so you know!

ME  That is really sweet! Out of curiosity, what is the daily routine for a shop owner?
SAMEENA ♥ Hectic! It's hard to be in an official routine as there is so much to do. But I suppose first thing is to check-emails, send out any orders, update on both Twitter & Facebook. Other time is spent on research, developing the brand & marketing and liaising with other businesses. When we run photo-shoots it takes quite a bit of planning as we have to get all the stock in first (and that's a job within itself; buying) but then we have to sort out models, book MUA (make up artists) and time with a studio. Its all go, go, go!

ME  Tell us the work environment you have.
SAMEENA  My work environment is comfortable maybe a bit too cozy at times!

ME  How do you keep your products up to date?
SAMEENA  We do a lot of research and keep informed with what stock our suppliers have coming. We hope to start adding new products every week soon.

ME  Let's move on to a more personal note. Do you have your own style blog?
SAMEENA  Unfortunately, no. Just don't have the time!

ME  How do you define your style?
SAMEENA  My personal changes it all depends what mood I am in and what the weather is like (living in the UK we suffer from a lot of rain!) I can go from being funky with bright prints to more classic. But I must say for daytime where it has to be comfortable!

ME  What are the key items in your closet? A favorite piece?
SAMEENA  Currently my key items include: super skinny blue jeans as they fit really well and go with everything, classic black rain mac (like I said it rains a lot here) and then mmm...I would say I am getting a good wear out of the hot pink baroque print bodycon dress as its bright, on-trend but most importantly very easy to wear and comfortable. 

ME  5 personal top picks from your shop.
SAMEENA  My top 5 picks from the site would have to be:

super skinny blue jeans

animal print jeans

black sheer maxi

any of the two baroque print bodycon dresses
rare black tube dress - everyone needs an LBD.

ME  Just random: Harry Potter or Twilight?
SAMEENA  Definitely Harry Potter - we have one of the stars modelling for us on the site!
(Afshan Azad aka Padma Patil; Source)
Read more about it here
ME  WOW! That's really great! Harry Potter star x Love Lila? That made my jaw drop! Anyhow, that's about it. Again, thank you so much for your time and I'm grateful for this interview. More power to your shop!

To know more about Love Lila and for more updates:
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