A Potterhead Preparation

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here's another Potterhead post for everyone! It has been a long time since I had one and you cannot believe the excitement I am feeling right now!

Despite the misfits I have been having this month, a sparkle of magic still rained on me to feel the luck and blessings I am having. Feeling like I drank my own Felix Felicis, I was invited by TicketWorld to live tweet on the opening day (which is today) of the much awaited show by Potterheads like me, Potted Potter!
Potted Potter is a parody of Dan & Jeff of the franchise to give an unauthorized Harry Potter experience. It will run for seventy hilarious minutes, putting all the seven books in one show. I am really excited to see how they will portray 360 characters knowing there are only two of them in the show.

Imagine myself jumping for joy like I have received my Hogwarts acceptance letter. I guess being a Potterhead really paid off.

So I decided to prepare a list on what to do during this special occasion in a Potterhead's life. Here's 7 things that I should do and prepare:

1. The Outfit
I know I will be betraying Slytherin house for this but I will wear red today. I would love to feel like a ginger and live up to my Pottermore name once in a while, which is GoldKnight112. By the way you can add me. Haha. I don't have my cape with me so I decided to stick with the Gryffindor colors.
2. Nail Color
Of course the beauty ritual will not stop on the outfit. The nails should be included.

3. Bring a valid ID

They might think I just drank a polyjuice potion if I do not show them a proof that it IS me. No invisibility cloak to sneak in if that happens.

4. Make sure that my cellphone batteries are fully charged.

I do not want my battery to die earlier than expected. I want you to experience Potted Potter Manila so expect a blow by blow tweet updates on that day.

5. Got your 'British' on.

Must practice the accent. Must practice the accent. For sure, I'll be adapting it in no time after the show.

6. Be on time.

I do not want the place to close its doors on me to avoid the Platform 9 & 3/4 situation Ron and Harry experienced during their second year. That's gotta hurt.

7. Keep Calm and the Magic will never end.

Oh just enjoy the show!

In contrast with the first list, here's the things you shouldn't do while watching the show:

1. Do not look like a Death Eater.

Surprising the crowd with this black ensemble might scared the muggles. You do not want to get caught by the Fashion Police wearing this. You're just giving them more reasons to be thrown inside Azkaban for this.
2. No curses (or jinxes) allowed.
Some of us get too carried away when reacting to a show. We sometimes can't help but utter these bad words. You do not want to say Avada Kedavra in front of a lot of people. Well, you know what I mean and the curse I am pertaining to. Bloody hell will do.

3. No pets allowed.

Do not bring your cats, owls, snakes and toads in the show. You do not want to make a scene looking for them.

4. No taking pictures during the show.

It is strictly prohibited and you wouldn't know if a basilisk is lurking around the place. You might get petrified.

5. Minors should ask their parents' permission.

According to their website, the show is perfect for ages six to Dumbledore. So all of you, long beard wizards are welcome. Yes, even you, Gandalf. But minors without guardians should let their parents know where they are at all times. We do not want Howlers to disturb and embarrass, do we?

6. Again on being late.

No time-turners for you. (Okay. I just have to say that.)

7. No Horcruxes!

Please, we wizards and witches, want peace, too!

I can't help but laugh in writing this list. I enjoyed it a lot. I know some might be bollocks for you guys but it is inevitable for a Potterhead to imagine.

I hope you had fun reading my hilarious must and must not do! Now I am off to prepare for the show!

To end this, here is a teaser of the show, a video of testimonials in the Toronto show and an interview with Dan and Jeff:

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