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Sunday, May 20, 2012

These are my impulsive buys while rummaging book sales, unexpected visits to fitting rooms with my best friend, and very random gifts from my sister, my aunt and my best friend during her trip to Singapore.
Tales of the Crypt: Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid Volume 8 from Book Sale
I was looking for Goosebumps and other books that my younger brother might enjoy reading when my best friend suggested this to me. She said it was a very funny book and a parody of some popular stories. My brother ended up really enjoying it and always on the hunt for the other volumes.

Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1 by Nicholas Knight from Book Sale
While still rummaging the store, my best friend found this again and gave it to me because she knows that my siblings and I are huge fans of the TV series. She said just as long she gets Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), she will let me have it. Oh, I gave in! But still Dean's mine! Haha!
206 Bones & Virals by Kathy Reichs from National Bookstore
My best friend and I have the habit of hunting book sales whenever we're at the mall. This alone made us already happy. You can get hard-bound books in a pretty good condition for only 50 bucks! How cool is that? Both of us are bookworms and can read all day. We can't live without them. Anyhow, we found this which were the TV show, 'Bones' was inspired. Then I found the other one (Virals) which was Kathy Reich's book for young adults and it is also connected with the first book. Actually, we bought four books that day and decided that she will get these two and I will get the other two first. The funny thing is that when we got home, she texted me and told me that our plastic bags were accidentally switched, that I got the Bones set. Anyhow, we will have a switch one of these days now that she told me she have finished hers, and I still haven't.
NY Square Floral Palazzo pants from SM Department Store
The joy I felt when I luckily found these at the racks. I told my best friend that she is my lucky charm for finding a lot of things that I want that day. It is really chic, comfy and affordable.
True Clothing Co. stripe romper dress from Aunt Eva
In our holy week getaway to Laguna, my aunt was supposed to wear this but she didn't really like the fit on her so she gave it to me and my sister. Yay!
MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel from Aunt Eva
 I was surprised seeing this inside my bag and asked my mom if it was hers. She told me it was from my aunt. My aunt really just gives us these random stuff when she wants to. Thank you, tita! Yay again!

Dress in Manila black and green tulle dress with cut-outs on the side from St. Francis Square
My sister was in need of a cocktail dress for a debut she will attend to. Would you belive that we were able to buy this dress for less than 300 bucks! Another great buy! It is a win-win situation for us because the dress has a really good quality and it was really affordable.
blue flats from St. Francis Square
This cute flats were also less than 300 bucks! Comfy and again, affordable.
Sentosa Magnet and Singapore Flag Magnet & Bottle Opener from my best friend
She bought these souvenirs for me during her Singapore trip. I told her that my dad has a vast collection of magnets so these are technically for my dad. My 'abuso' are still with our friend, Gap.
Singapore 'Snow Globe' from my best friend
This is just adorable. I have a fascination for Snow Globes. Maybe because of the films I watched when I was a kid. I love how those sparkly things fall whenever you turned it over. I remember as a kid, I was wishing for snow so I could feel and see them from falling from the sky like in the 'snow globe.'
Harry Potty and the Deathly Boring from Book Sale
My brother and I found this when we visited the Book Sale branch at Greenhills. We got giddy and excited when we found this parody of Harry Potter. Again, we laughed so hard after reading this and we can't for the next volume.

The Cupid Chronicles from Book Sale
This one is an addition to my book collection. Too bad, I have to look for the first book before I can read this.
Hollywood Style Whitening Peel Off and Nivea Creme from Watsons
I bought these just to try new products; if they are really effective or whatsoever.
American flag tank top from St. Francis Square
I got this for just a hundred bucks which is really cool and a very good find. I saw the same top at the mall before but the price is just too high! Thank God I saw this!

orange stripe tank top with lace details from Smart Buy
I actually love browsing the racks of Smart Buy because if you're really lucky and if you really patiently browse it, you will find some cheap thrills and good finds like this top.
black crochet cover-up from SM Surplus
I am an avid customer of this store because a lot of us thought that there are no great buys here. But that's wrong. You can actually find stylish pieces here in a very affordable price.

Sun-Kissed shorts from SM Department Store
The color and the print is just eye-catching. Perfect for swimming trips and summer escapades.

Hey Dude black+green, beige+pink & pink wayfarers frosted from SM Department Store
Colorful sunnies to protect our eyes and to endure the summer heat!

Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation with Sunscreen from Watsons
Another product that my sister and I will try to use.

lucky charm bracelet from my sister
She got me this bracelet in Palawan for luck. She also bought one for my younger sister and my mom. Hope it brings me luck!
Tales of the Crypt Volume 9, Sisters Grimm, & Goosebumps: Monster Blood from Book Sale
I am always on the look-out for books that my brother and I can enjoy together, and these are another addition to our collection! I also believe in the power of reading so I always motivate and inspire my brother to read. I always tell him that it is a fun thing to do and it enhances the creativity and imagination of a person.
black customized high-waist bikini from Lulu Ef
I was in search for a very affordable high-waist bikini. I was actually losing hope because all I can see are very expensive ones with colors and prints that I do not desire and thank God I saw Lulu Ef's shop! I can choose the colors or prints so I can create my own. Yay!
red Blair bow bandeau with bikini from Style Staple
When I saw this in Laureen Uy's, I knew I had to buy it for myself. I was so in love with the design and the color. It has the vintage vibe that you'll feel like Marilyn Monroe and those beauty icons before when you wear it.
French dictionary from Book Sale
My sister needs this for her classes so we bought it for 200++ pesos. Not bad. I would love to learn this language in the future so I might borrow this from my sister one of these days.

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