Te Echo De Menos, Abuelita!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Today is my late grandmother's birthday.
(That’s my brother, Dale, on his 5th birthday.)

We call her Mama because she didn’t want to be called lola which I will also adapt in the future. I guess it was also a Spanish-influenced way of addressing your grandmother.

Anyway, I really miss her. We all do. I still cry every time I think of her, every time I remember the good old days and my happy memories with her, every time I remember that night on the 17th of April, 2006. I guess I will always have that in me. Though I am okay and I have accepted that fact, I will still grieve for her.

She was my forever guardian and my second mother.

I remember she never wanted to brush my hair or cut my Goldilocks-like hair. She wanted it to stay that way. I still have my Goody comb for curly hair which she always used for my hair. Nowadays, every stroke I made using my comb on my hair, I imagine her doing it. I guess that comb connects the two of us, creating a bond that only the two of us have.

I also miss her cooking. Aside from my mom, she was also a great cook. Every single dish she made was delicious. My favorite was her Kare-Kare, Mechado, Morcon and Adobong may Atay. Her delicious desserts were Leche Flan, Fruit Salad and Bilo-bilo. I remember she used oval pans and the old school style of cooking Leche Flan. She makes a lot of batch to give out to our other relatives. She was really a good host for gatherings because she’ll immediately serve food and drinks to them the moment the guests arrived.

She also had a lot of lovebirds that she took care of. She fed and bred them. But now they seemed to have join their master.

I also miss the colorful orchids around the house because of her.

Five years have passed but I can still remember her scent, whether it is her perfume or just her.

I miss you chasing me because you want me to drink those awful medicines.

I miss you sleeping beside me.

I miss you always waiting for you favorite telenovelas, whether Mexican or Filipino.

I miss how you divide the chocolates to us and always give me the extra ones because you think I don’t eat a lot. Well, I do now.

I miss how you love Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut and Coffee Crumble-flavored ice cream. I remember how I always gave you my share because I don't like them.

I miss our drinking race even though we’re just chugging down juice or milk. I am younger but still you always beat me.

I miss a lot of things about you that this post will not be enough to hold all my words. And I am holding back my tears that’s why I seem to have lost what I wanted to say.
(May 24, 2005; At the airport going to Bangkok with Mama, my sibs, Dale and Airish)

It’s just that I miss having you here, mama. I really do. Always have, always will.

Feliz cumpleaños, abuelita! :')

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