Our Little Reunion

Sunday, August 14, 2011

So my best friend, Angela went back here in Manila for a few days. She is currently working in Amanpulo, Palawan. Talking about big bucks. *kaching kaching!*
I met up with our porky best friend, Dan to visit Angela in their house. She was quite busy due to a tribute for his late Lolo. We plan to eat out somewhere near our village but it was quite hard to invite our dear friend. (Kidding!) So we opted to hang out in Angela's house and had a delivery.
We had a lot of things to talk about especially now that we rarely talk and see each other. So we updated each other with our personal lives. We had to laugh a lot and kid around while telling each other our story.

I would like to share this one. A Picture That Means a Thousand Words:
I just love the way he looks at her. Full of desire. LOL. Just kidding guys! You know I was routing for you! ;)

Dan was still hungry after our dinner that I gave him half of my hotdog ;))
Look at how Angela looked at him while he was eating!

What I wore: multi-colored animal print scarf and bracelets from Landmark • top, jeans & pink belt from Bangkok • floral shoes from Penshoppe • white watch Claire's • connector ring Tickles • vintage blue ring and white earrings borrowed borrowed from sister • 100 Years of La Salle Baller bought it in CSB

I folded my pants, worn a plain white shirt and a scarf to achieve that laid back look.
With Angela, who also wore a laid back outfit.
She told me that you have to use your legs to achieve that simple pose.
Our photographer, Dan, looked pale on our deleted photos so we tried to put some lip gloss on his lips. It was funny because he tried to resist our grasps.
Camwhoring here we go!
We're supposed to do a wacky pose but... they didn't hear me :(

My favorite photo of the two. Aren't they adorable? ♥
Evidence: Find the lip gloss!

I miss you best friend! I hope to see you by the end of October! We need some catching up to do! I love ya!

Recreate my look:
PS. Sorry for the grainy pictures. The light was really dim in my friend's house. :|

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