My Life Lately: June to November 2017

Monday, December 04, 2017

Hey, world! Apologies if I haven't updated you on what's going on in my life. I haven't really got the time to sit down and just write. So much has happened in the past 5 months that's why I'm excited to share with you tidbits of what's happening in my life. Read below!


• July •

Disney Manga: Stitch! Best Friends Forever! | I think a big chunk of the books I've read in the past 5 months were graphic novels and I started with this cute manga. I'm such a huge fan of Disney so I simply can't resist reading these kinds of books. When you're in a stressful environment, I really suggest for you guys to try reading children's books or fun graphic novels/comics. It will really help to de-stress you in an instant. You'll feel light-hearted in a jiff. This is a good book to share with your kids (for parents) or to your friends. Read my full review here.
• August •

Vidia and the Fairy Crown | I was actually surprised that the Disney Fairies also have a manga version of their story. Since I was in a manga/graphic novel reading streak, I went on ahead and read this, too! Kids at heart and children alike will have a great time reading this, too! Read my full review here.

Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte #1 | To be honest, I was really captivated by the cover. How can you say no to that gorgeous art, right? The story is equally appealing and has a pretty interesting twist! Try this one out! Read my full review here.

101 Things to Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone | I know that technology has been taking over our lives that we seldom appreciate everything that's out there. Here's a book that can finally help you detox and enjoy life as it is without relying too much on your phones. Read my full review on Goodreads (I haven't shared it here yet).

Manga Classics: Les Misérables | Here's how you can reread one of the all-time favorite classics, Les Misérables: try the manga version! It's a good refresher and a quick read you can add to your 2017 list! Watch out for my full review soon!

• September •

Behind The Blog | It's one of the books a blogger wrote that actually made sense. I've read one before and it didn't really stand out from the rest. This one, I believe, has that personal touch only Kryz could give. More than the usual tips and tricks she knows, I love her background stories and how we can get to know her more. Watch out for my full review soon!

• November •

Dark Fang | I got this from Image Comics for review and the story is really interesting. It's not the usual vampire story you'll encounter because of its modern touch. Read my full review here.

TV Series

I've watched several TV series during this time period but I will only include the ones I've finished just so I can just summarize all my reactions and thoughts. 

• June •

  • Disney Tsum Tsum - Origami Zoo: This was the latest episode during that time and I can't get enough. Hands down to the Disney content team. They really know how to work on their sh*t and they really know their market.

  • Claws Season 1: Started a new series last June and I haven't gotten back to it. It's like Sex and the City meets Miami Vice. It's pretty interesting that's why I can't wait to watch the whole first season plus see those nail arts!

  • Polly Pocket: From their famous miniature toys to Polly Fashion, I can say I'm a fan. I also used to visit their website when I was younger and play their online mini-games. Now, they also have their own show similar to Barbie. It's not as fun as the brand I previously mentioned but I'm still giving it a chance. I might not have seen the nice episodes yet.

  • Gossip Girl Season 5 to 6: After so many years, I finally got to see how this series ends. Hahaha! I know right? It took me so long because I only had the courage to face all the circus that GG brought upon the characters. To be honest, I'm not a fan of Dan and Blair-- #sorrynotsorry --what's happening to Dan and Serena, individually speaking, and how can they end this show this bad? I feel like it was forced and not thought through. Started so good and finished meh. But I'm really happy for Chuck and Blair!

  • Pretty Little Liars Season 7: One of the worst shows ever!!! Thank God it ended already. Worst ending and plot ever. I don't know why the writers took the wrong turn and piled up so many loopholes and unanswered details just to make it more interesting and to keep that mysterious vibe. But sorry it still doesn't add up and everything sounds forced. Also, those intimate scenes obviously were made for the purpose of fan-serving but it took all the damn time which I.Marlene King can use to give us all the answers. Actually, they have the full season 7 to do that but nothing. Full of BS. Kudos to the good actors though.
• July •

  • Disney Tsum Tsum - PointilliTsum: Here's another one featuring Angel and Stitch. I really love the chemistry between these two. They are so cute!
  • Disney Tsum Tsum - Spook at Graveyard: Love the naughty tactics and the camaraderies of Maleficent and the Cheshire Cat. Though, they didn't see that coming. Anyway, I really like the Tsum Tsum shorts episodes wherein the lead character is not Mickey or Minnie. It's refreshing and much more fun to meet the other characters. 

  • Disney Tsum Tsum - Western: Why can't Donald win? It's really frustrating because he's not a bad guy and I love Donald. Less Mickey, please! But overall, it still is funny.
• August •
    • Julie's Greenroom Season 1: I'm really a kid at heart so I appreciate these kinds of shows. But what made me really watch this is because of Julie Andrews plus it's all about musicals. I was greatly entertained by their performances and greatly amazed by their guests. I was so happy to see Idina, Titus, Sara, and Ellie.
    • Shadowhunters Season 2: The series is improving even the acting except for the actress playing Clary. I'm surprised that I'm actually pretty excited for the next season because I can see it's loyalty to the books. I really need to catch up with my books.
    • 5 Centimeters Per Second: A cute series about love. I really love and appreciate the Japanese animation, thanks to the recommendation of my friends.
    • September •

    • The Mist Season 1: One of the suckiest TV series I've watched this year. It's even worse than the movie. The characters and the storyline are both too frustrating.
    • Little Witch Academia Season 1: One of the anime series on Netflix I really, really like. It reminds me of Harry Potter. It's cute, funny, and entertaining. If you love fantasy and animation, add this to your list of series to watch! I really hope they make more!
    • iZombie Season 2: It's getting more and more interesting. Am I the only one who got mind-blown at the ending? Can't wait for Season 3 on Netflix!
    • October •

    • A Very Secret Service Season 1: It was a satire for spy TV shows but I don't really get the humor. It's pretty meh for me.
    • Legend Quest Season 1: Art is cute but it lacks something. It didn't really capture my attention, the storyline was not gripping, but I did feel that heartfelt scene about Teodora. But there's always room for improvement.
    • Fuller House Season 3: This TV show will never get old. I'm so excited for the next season and I'm still rooting for DJ and Steve!!!!
    • November •

    • Wet Hot American - Summer: First Day of Camp
    • Wet Hot American Summer - Ten Years Later: Another satire TV show that focuses on camps. I find some scenes too stupid or icky. The only thing I missed in this show is Bradley Cooper. I wish he stayed for the second season.
    • Mindhunter Season 1: One of the best shows I've discovered on Netflix. Don't miss it. Start binge-watching. It's intellectually stimulating and I'm hooked!
    • Slasher Season 1: Up for a scream-athon? Then you might want to watch this. The suspense-thriller factor is there but I don't like the acting and the ending.

    • The Sinner Season 1: This show is worth it in its own twisted way. Can't wait for Season 2!

    • Japan: It will happen this month already! We will be going to Tokyo and Hokkaido but we will stay in Kawaguchi.
    • Advancing work for my vacation leave. I hope to finish these all on time!
    That's it for now.

    Love lots,

    xx Style Reader

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    285. In Real Life by Cory Doctorow

    284. Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

    283. Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (Gallagher Girls, #2) by Ally Carter

    282. I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls, #1) by Ally Carter

    281. 365 Reasons to Be Cheerful: Magical Moments to Cheer Up Miserable Sods One Day at a Time by Richard Happer

    280. Regression, Vol. 1: Way Down Deep by Cullen Bunn

    279. Coyotes #1 by Sean Lewis

    278. Evolution #1 by James Asmus

    277. Rose, Vol. 1 by Meredith Finch

    276. Dark Fang #1 by Miles Gunter

    275. Behind the Blog by Kryz Uy

    274. Manga Classics: Les Misérables by Stacy King

    273. Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte #1 by Joe Benitez

    272. 101 Things To Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone by Ilka Heinemann

    271. Vidia and the Fairy Crown by Haruhiko Kato


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