Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Two years ago, I had the privilege to write about the advocacy (read here) of one of my closest friends, Clarissa Saclag: ARCHITECTure STUDENT GRADUATE GIVES BACK (ASGB). The goal of this project is to give back or pay it forward once a year through simply having a sincere commitment to volunteering and supporting, as much as they can, the needs of the less fortunate kids.
(Ar. Clarissa Saclag, Owner/Founder of ARCHITECTure student graduate GIVES BACK (ASGB) Group est. 2012)
"We are FRIENDS, GROUP of ARCHITECTure STUDENTS, GRADUATES and ARCHITECTS in the Philippines, who work VOLUNTARILY together towards ONE positive GOAL. To enthuse all FUTURE architects as well as influencing friends of DIFFERENT PROFESSIONS to expand more our awareness of giving back."
"By reaching out, having simple things that work, educate, and smile for less fortunate people around the world...Nationally, Internationally, Globally I believe we can work altogether and MAKE a positive difference in their Jesus will."
-- Ar. Clarissa G. Saclag (Founder of ASGB group est. 2012)
With God's will and the willingness of the volunteers they were able to support the following in the last few years:

Year 2012 - 1st Beneficiary: Chosen Children Village at Cavite Silang
Year 2013 - 2nd Beneficiary: Yolanda Victims through Red Cross Philippines
Year 2014 - 3rd Beneficiary: Sacred Heart Academy at Fairview
Year 2015 - 4th Beneficiary: Libmanan Sibol School- Gawad Kalinga at Naga, Bicol City
Year 2016 - 5th Beneficiary: Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. at Quezon City

In celebration of ASGB's 5 years of heartfelt service, ASGB chose to give their helping hand and dedicate their love and support to the Cancer Warrior Foundation Ph (Batangas Chapter)
Ar. Clarissa Saclag (ASGB Founder/Volunteer Ambassador), Ms. Dita (CWF-Batangas Chapter Pres.); Ar. John Llacuna (UAP-MCC President/ASGB 2017 Volunteer Ambassador)
As a yearly tradition, ASGB also designed an official shirt with the message, "Live Long" to help promote the project. A part of the proceeds will go to the Kemotherapy Life for Children with Cancer and Survivor. Together with ASGB, we are hoping to have your support and to help this project.
Shirt design is an official statement of ARCHITECTure student gradute GIVES BACK 2017 for Cancer Warrior Foundation Ph (Batangas)
*Design cannot be replicate with any other projects, it is only official for 2017 ASGB Shirt Advocacy: LIVE LONG
*Shirt Advocacy is until November 15, 2017 only

For inquiries and details on how to support the cause, kindly send an email to:

For regular updates, follow them on:

Engage, connect, and help now!

Love lots, xx

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