Graphic Novel Review: Vidia and the Fairy Crown by Haruhiko Kato

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Vidia and the Fairy Crown by Haruhiko Kato
(Started: July 30, 2017; Finished: August 05, 2017)

When Queen Clarion's crown goes missing on the night of Pixie Hollow's biggest bash, all fingers point to one thief: the rude and stand-offish fairy Vidia! To keep from being banished from Pixie Hollow forever, Vidia and her friend Prilla go on an outrageous hunt for the crown that takes them from one end of Never Land to the other. Can they find the crown in time to save Vidia's reputation?! (From Goodreads)
Review: 5 stars
Publication Date: August 5, 2008
Publisher: TokyoPop
Source: TokyoPop via Netgalley
Shelf: Goodreads

I believe this is one of the mangas or graphic novels I've read that gave me deep realizations. The story might be simple but it still tugged some deep thoughts to ponder on.

A heed of warning: my summary might spoil you so you better skip that part.
Vidia and the Fairy Crown is about the Queen losing her crown and another fairy being accused of stealing it. Tinker Bell mentioned Vidia saying that she wants to wreak havoc in the party by getting the crown. But I believe it was just a spunky joke from Vidia.
You see, it might sound petty but the moral of the story starts here. People tend to blame others just because it's easier to do so. Most of the time, we don't even want to ask or investigate. We don't want to get into the trouble of finding out ourselves because it will take too much of our time or it will require hard work. If you're on the side of the accused, getting angry will make you look guilty so you'd rather just give up. But I'm really glad for fairies or people like Prilla. They will push you back up and help you no matter what. I like her for seeing the good in people especially because Prilla is always misunderstood or judged by others. Thank God also that Vidia did not quit and she still persevered. I love how what happened to her drove her to fight back and to prove herself. More than that, it was really a great judgment of her character to just be honest and return the crown after all the ruckus. When you're falsely accused, it is a human's instinct to bite back or to resort to revenge. But it was a good thing she chose to do the right thing.

I sort of feel disappointed with Tinker Bell for being too quick to judge when she herself was often misunderstood in Peter Pan. But I was also glad that the story did not revolve with here which means more fairy characters to meet!

Moving on to the rest of the characters, I feel like they're the rest of the people in this world who tends to neglect the details when needed. Only a few really speak up when worse comes to worst but most of them will join the blame game.

Anyway, about the plot, I found the whole investigation entertaining. It created enough build up to keep me reading and at the same time, it made the simple story look complicated when it was really smooth continuous.

Overall, the manga is a fun read and a good addition to your graphic novel collection. :)

Happy Reading Everyone!

Love lots, xx

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