Up Close & Personal: 5 Reasons To Love Yourself

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We all have flaws and insecurities. Who doesn't? We always think we're not enough. It's always easy to see what's wrong than to appreciate what we have. I'm also quite hard on myself at times. I tend to criticize, put myself down, and only see the shallow surface. It rarely comes easy for me. Well, I'm trying day by day. I'm always looking for solutions. But sometimes, you just need a few reminders.

1. You are wonderfully beautiful.
As cliché as it may sound, it's actually true. We may have a different color, size, ethnicity, beliefs, and culture, but our individuality should rule over the standards the society dictates. You don't need someone else's validation to know, feel, and believe that you are truly beautiful.

2. Embrace your flaws.
Those acne marks, scars, stretch marks, birthmarks, and whatever imperfection you have are what makes you, YOU. It's in your DNA. You just have to accept it, learn to love it and find ways to embrace it. I might feel ashamed of my acne-prone skin at times but I'm sure the rest are having the same issues, too. It'll be an endless battle because I'm sure those flaws won't be leaving you. You're an artwork of DNA. So might as well accept it because you should.

3. You are blessed with God-given talents.
Do you sing? Do you dance? Can you act? Can you whistle like a bird? Can you charm a crowd with your speech? Whatever your talents are, these are gifts you need to cherish. Don't waste it. Find time to hone it. Don't be envious of what others' have because you're also blessed with a combination of talents and skills that you can only have. Plus, you can just learn the rest as you get by. Go explore and take this journey to learn more about yourself. 

4. No one else will love you greatly than yourself.
You already are having a hard time dealing with reality. You don't need that extra pressure. You're the best comrade yourself can have. Take it easy and instead of looking at your flaws, see through it and appreciate the good. Even a compliment, whether you say it out loud or you just thought of it will go a long way. 

5. Everything else will follow.
Of course, when you love yourself it will definitely show, from your disposition to how you'll treat yourself and others. It will instantly boost your confidence that the only think you'll put on your face is a great smile.

I hope this will somehow inspire you all today and make you realize things. I will constantly tell myself these things, too. Now, I'm challenging you to share your thoughts as well!

Love lots, xx

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