My Life Lately: April 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Here's last month's round up of what I was up to and new discoveries in general. Read on below!


Since I'm the worst reader awardee this year (don't throw stones at me huhu), I'm just gonna share with you the ones I'm interested in reading and the #Bookgasm content I posted this year (click the books to know more and the book names for the reviews).


As they say, judge or know a person more by the book she's reading.


No playlist discoveries but here are some songs I'm currently loving (hint: I also included some May tunes--can't help it).

So happy for Miley for recovering from her downward spiral phase. I love how refreshing this song is. It's sweet, it's happy, you just know it's just full of love.

I remember discovering them when I was creating a wedding playlist for my best friend. I actually miss this kind of tunes. It's mellow, very emotional but not borderline dramatic. It's just right to help you gather your thoughts and appreciate the moment.


I'm not sure if I shared this before but I'm addicted to anything Disney-related. So remember how I love playing Disney Emoji Blitz? If you follow the brand on Youtube, you can also watch how they translate their stories through it. Check out the whole playlist below. I'm sure you'll be a convert, too, after this.

TV Series

It's already a given that I have long watchlist so here's how I'm trimming it down.

  • Girlboss: Okay, so I was really excited to see this show. Imagine a fashion empire built from scratch by one of the most influential modern women in the industry. Expectations: empowering, inspiring, way to go woman! But unfortunately, I felt disappointed and it didn't really mean anything to me. I even felt bad for some of the people in Sophia's life. I know she carries the brand Nasty Gal but she just represents a character I do not like. It's just too much and there's barely progress with her personality. I like Annie more. She's so positive and supportive. You just want to be friends with her for life. Giving this 2 stars.

  • Gossip Girl: Yep, I decided to re-watch Season 5 so I can finally finish the series. Wow. So much has changed since it was released. But it never gets old. Too bad, it didn't end as to how most of us expected it to be.

  • Lucifer: It's cunning. It's scandalous. I love it! Must watch! You won't regret it. Promise.

  • Split: Kudos to James McAvoy for his good acting and for portraying so many characters in one movie. That was not an easy role. The movie is trippy and you really have to be a fast thinker to keep up and to be an observant so you won't miss any detail. It's fun and psychologically haunting at the same time.
Looking Forward To
  • Osaka Trip in June
  • First Boracay trip in May
  • See results from my skincare routine. Yes, please.
Plans & Wishes
  • To save more and to invest
  • To open a business
  • Finish all my backlogs
  • Read all my books in my TBR pile
  • Travel and explore more
  • Get back my old body and be fit
  • Create more writing challenges
  • Need to start my book club
  • Try more products for my skincare routine
Some were mentioned before from my previous posts. So if I repeat it, it means it's a consistent goal or I haven't achieved it yet.

Well, that's about it. It's basically a quick update and I tried keeping it as short as I can. I hope you guys learned new things about me in this article. Ciao!

Love lots, xx

Style Reader

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Last 15 Books I've Read

269. My Neighbor Totoro by Tsugiko Kubo

268. Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosch

267. Think Like a Copywriter by Alastaire Allday

266. Heneral Luna: The History Behind the Movie by Vivencio R. Jose, Ruby Rosa A. Jimenez

265. Rumors (Rumors #1) by A.C. Arthur

264. An Armadillo in New York by Julie Kraulis

263. Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon by Terry John Barto

262. Our Love Grows by Anna Pignataro

261. Molly Rides by Adam B. Ford, Brian Berley

260. Noni Speaks Up by Heather Hartt-Sussman, Geneviève Côté


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