10 Step Skincare: Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity Review

Monday, May 15, 2017

The first product one should use when starting a 10 step skincare routine is an oil cleanser or a makeup remover. Washing your face with your go-to cleanser is not enough to remove all obstacles your skin have, from makeup, excess sebum, dirt to other dreadful impurities. Hence, the infamous "double cleansing". For those who are well-versed in the beauty scene, you sure don't need this lecture but for those, like me, who are late bloomers or constantly discovering the path to a beautiful skin, I got you!

As a rule of thumb, oil and water are not really the best of friends which mean they don't really mix well. Putting this in the skincare context: if you have an oily skin type like me, your skin secretes more oil than average which causes acne, blackheads, you know the drill. So the only way to actually remove the excess sebum your skin produced the whole day or overnight is, believe it or not, an oil cleanser. Arra from a year ago would say, "WHAT?! NO WAY! It will lead to more breakouts." But let me correct my younger self with this: oil cleansers actually help melt the unnecessary sebum on your face. It breaks them down so you can easily clean your face without blocking your pores even more.

Knowing this, I went off to Myeongdong to find one. My cousin, Ayumi, who is only thirteen years old, is actually a Banila Co user. Yep, I know! She and her sister are more familiar to beauty products than I do. Seeing her pick up a pink box labeled as Clean It Zero made me curious. Here goes our conversation:

Me: Para saan yan? (What's that for?)
Ayumi: Umm, it's for removing your makeup ate.
Me: Really? So does it work?
Ayumi: Yeah, it's really nice, ate. Try it.

During that time, I was only thinking about getting a makeup remover so we went on with our conversation...

Me: Ano yung pwede sa skin ko? (Which variant suits my skin type?)
Ayumi: Umm, for you ate since you have sensitive skin, get Purity.

So of course, I asked her about the other types and boy, she explained everything to me. Ayumi's mom bought a lot from the store that they got these small testers of Clean It Zero. They gave me purity and so I was able to test it even when we were still in Korea.

My very made up face during our trip was more than ready to take it on. The Banila Co Clean It Zero has a sorbet-like texture and it smells citrusy. I swiped a few using my finger and rub it on the tips of my hand so I can apply it fairly on my face. The solid balm instantly turned into silky oil on the skin. I felt it dissolved effortlessly all over my face. I gently rubbed it with an upward circular motion for a few minutes until I saw that my makeup was melting. Wow! Even the strongest brands bowed down to this resilient cleansing balm. In just a few swipes, my eyebrows, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, foundation, to my lipstick melted. I looked like a panda but it was amazing. Just make sure to rinse it off with water afterward and/or follow with your water-based cleansing. Don't let it linger for more than 3 minutes because I tried it when I was waiting for my turn to use the bathroom. It felt itchy after a while so please don't let it creep on your skin for too long.

It's lightweight and you can really feel the debris on your face break down. It's fluid enough to remove all the makeup and impurities on your face without stripping its natural oils. It's also hypoallergenic and formulated to cater to those with sensitive skin like me. I've been using it day and night since April and I'm happy to say that I have not experienced any allergic reaction or breakouts. After doing the double cleanse with this as your oil cleanser, your skin will without a doubt be smooth and soft like a baby. I swear, this will never disappear in my routine. I love it! I definitely recommend it for those who have the same skin type as me (oily, sensitive, acne-prone). At least give it a try! My sisters and my mom are actually using it, too, so I hope that's enough proof for you, guys. Haha. I already finished my tester so I'm off to use the 100ml version.

Recommended usage:
  • Use it to remove your makeup.
  • Use it as your oil cleanser for your double cleansing.
  • Use it twice a day: In the morning, use it to remove the excess sebum you produced overnight and at night, to remove all the oil, dirt, and other bad juju on your skin.
  • Add a splash of water to emulsify the product and then gently rub on your face.
I hope you learned a thing or two from this review. Thanks for stopping by!

Love lots, xx

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