Sunday Social: 10 Things I've Learned So Far This 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Disclaimer: I'm currently trying to write differently--making things simpler and more "conversational". But I figured, why not bend some rules for a change.

A lot has been happening and I can't help but wonder what I've accomplished and realized for the past six months. Here are the 10 things I've pondered on:

1. Time. I've been passing time watching trains go by.
So literal na parang train nga or better yet, shinkansen ang dumaanPagbaba ko, ibang buwan na!

Have you noticed how May, June, and July went by so quick? It felt like I fell asleep for months and woke up in August. See, I'm not sure if I'm just really busy working on so many things that my personal life can't catch up. You'll be surprised that we will celebrate Christmas and another year, in no time. We just need to keep up and follow the pace because if you don't, you'll surely get lost in the way.

Survival of the fittest na talaga if hindi ka makasakay. Sorry nalang. Next train ka na.
2. Patience is truly a virtue.
Dahil kung hindi ko pa-practice-in 'to, pasyente abutin mo sakin kasi mainit ang ulo ko! Char.

Whatever it is, we should always be patient. I lost it last Friday and I felt bad. For the first time in so many years, I just want to f*cking scream and punch all those in my way. Clearly, I was in a lot of pressure and adding more to that didn't quite help. I think I really have to release it all out and make sure I do it every now and then.

3. With great patience comes great responsibility.
Ipilit mo pa. Charaught.

A wise friend once told me, "Kaya ka nga nandyan kasi malawak na pag iintindi mo at kaya wala pa sila dyan." Things are clearer now. That's why we just got to do what we have to do. No matter how big the rock they'll throw at us, you just have to dodge and ignore. Just remember that whatever you are doing will help them in the long run and believe that eventually, they will understand it. It'll be their call to take it or not.

Moreover, you just have to tell yourself that you're not yet on the same page and hope that you'll eventually get there with them. Everything will make sense in time and you won't have to repeat what you've said so many times ever again.

4. You can't save everyone.
'Wag tularan si Jack. Kung kasya naman kayo, iligtas mo na din sarili mo. 'Wag pa-hero. Di ka gagawan ng rebulto.

Two of my friends told me that I can't keep saving everyone. They have to help themselves, too. If you've already done what's necessary, then that's it. Let them do the rest.

5. Self-entitlement won't get you far.
'Wag maraming hanash kung walang ibubuga. Gayahin niyo si Ash Ketchum at ang kanyang goal: Be the very best like no one ever was.

I still don't understand why so many people these days feel like they have to demand the things they think they deserve. Why can't they just work hard and show others what they got? Just because you're too comfortable in what you're doing or in the environment you're in, you'll just gonna settle and remain in that state. Then you'll expect to be given this and that? That's not how the world works, kids. Nothing happens in an instant.

Hindi 'to instagram o snapchat. 'Yang mga instant na yan pwede din yan mabura agad sa isang iglap. Saveeeeh?!

More than tangible things, the true reward is how you've become at the end of the journey with the knowledge and the skills you've never imagine you'll have. Plus, the legacy your name will leave in everything you do. No amount of money or whatever it is that you've been pining for can replace that.

Mas masarap pakinggan kapag sinabi ang pangalan mo at puro magagandang salita o papuri ang maririnig. Mas masarap asamin ang reward na alam mong pinaghirapan mo ng wala kang reklamo o ginawang mali kaysa naman hingi ka ng hingi pero yung totoo wala ka naman talagang nagagawang kakaiba na matatandaan ka. At pakatandaan na ang gantimpala ay madalas dumadating kapag hindi mo inaasahan. Mas ibinibigay pa ito sa mga hindi nagaabang pero sa mas karapatdapat.

Okay sige. Paki-translate ng English. Chos.

6. Trust is granted to those who deserve it.
Hindi ito nabibili. Kung gusto mo 'tong bilhin, iba lang talaga ang pakay mo. Chos. Pero aminin iba ang hugot na 'to.

Read between the lines. I guess, I'm still learning. I thought in this day and age, I will be vigilant enough to know who should be trusted or not. But I guess, I have to trust my instincts more and I shouldn't ignore it. Remember that even the nicest smile and the most angelic face can deceive you.

Moreover, it's something we should work hard on. It's something we earn after proving ourselves to others. Same with work, a more challenging task will be granted to you if they trust you enough to handle it. Just feel proud and do whatever it takes to overcome it.
7. You write your own destiny.
Ang mga bituin ay gabay lamang. Tayo ay may free will gamitin natin ito. Next station, Betty Go Belmonte Station.

Every decision you make shapes your destiny. If you opt to relax and chill or pump hard work with determination, at the end of the day, it's your life. It's your choice. Just make sure that you have the backbone to face whatever it is that will come your way. Embrace the result.

Panindigan mo!

8. Limitation is the breeding ground for success.
Dahil tumatak talaga 'to sa isip ko.

We're more challenged when we are in such situations. That's why it's much difficult to play Breakout or those type of games because it's simpler but we can't seem to think out of the box. But like how my boss puts it, that's where you'll find your creativity and I'd like to believe in it.

9. Your one true enemy is yourself.
Ikaw ang tunay na bida-kontrabida ng buhay mo.

The real battle happens within and truth be told, I've been struggling with it. Having a stronger mindset and emotional capacity is difficult. That's why I have to improve so that I can push all those negative thoughts away. So that I can believe in myself again. Once you tell yourself that you can't do it, you'll definitely won't. But if you think otherwise, then maybe you can find a way around it.

Sabi nga ni Jessy Mendiola sa commercial niya, "matter of perspective lang 'yan." Naisingit ko pa talaga siya. Che! Chos!

10. There's a way to group layers in Photoshop.
Akala mo kung ano ang ending pero ito lang pala. Eh bakit ba? Ngayon ko lang nalaman eh. Inaway ang sarili. True enemy nga. Char.

It's command + G.

Kidding aside, I hope you enjoyed this entry. Until my next post.

Love lots, xx

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