Sunday Social: An Open Letter to My Partner In Crime

Sunday, June 12, 2016

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To My Partner In Crime.

This is my first attempt to do an open letter and the first entry for my #ArTen series (so please bear with me).
Hmm. Where do I start? I've been trying to come up with words but I don't think this will ever be enough to tell you how thankful I am to be your friend. Now that it's time to say goodbye once again, I can't help but wish that it's just a joke or a dream. You know me, I am not a fan of change and I do have a hard time of letting go.
But I have to.

So you can fly free as a bird.
So you can achieve all your dreams.
So you can make a contribution to society.
So you can do good to the world.
I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to see your name on books, articles, watch you speak on live television, see you fight and support your advocacies. You are born to seek after these things and to be great. (Kaya Gryffindor ka talaga.)

People may think, "Ang OA mo naman. Magkikita pa naman kayo." (You're overreacting. You'll still see each other." But that's how it is.

It would be a long adjustment and I guess, Virus will never be the same.
Who's going to seat beside me now to watch Orphan Black while working efficiently on your tasks?
Who's going to greet me in the morning and join my silly banters?
Who's going to give the exact response--that I'm thinking of--to my jokes?
Who's going to share my amusement for Ate Gay's misheard lyrics?
Who's going to be the Kim Chiu voice to my Bujoy hugot?
Who's going to be Bobby to our 4 Sisters and A Wedding skit?
Who's going to be my other trusted Werewolf player? (Yes, even if you betrayed me in the game quite a few times.)
Who's going to tell me bluntly the things I have to change or improve on?
Who's going to tell me that I am otherwise and I'm actually good in what I'm doing?
Who's going to believe in me when no one else does?
Those are the questions running in my mind now that I will start a new week without you.

But knowing that we are both happy in our own paths, calms me because, in time, we will dominate and conquer the world as planned. But in a positive way.

I would sound like a broken record, but I still thank you for believing in me. For pushing me to leave my comfort zone and for helping me break that box I'm in. Honestly, I look up to you (hindi dahil matangkad ka; not because you're tall) and admire you, because of your unwavering courage to see the world, to say yes in every adventure and challenge, and to live in the now.
"Sana mayroon ako ng maternal instinct mo. I wish I had your charm and innocence. Sana naging adventurous din ako kagaya ni Alex. Sana nagkaroon din ako ng sense of humor mo kasi bentang-benta yun sa 'kin eh." (Nai-push ko pa talaga. Hindi ko natiis. Inah will be proud.)
Thank you for accepting my invitation to try and to share your creativity, friendship and wisdom with us. It warms my heart to know that you have touched not only my life but also those you've met in Virus. I hope you had a great time--a good break after your Masters--and it's as memorable as it is to us.
I hope you would still drop by as often and please don't forget to bring Japanese mayo and okonomiyaki. Don't worry, your VIP access to our game nights will not be revoked and you will always be welcomed warmly dahil Chang Leader, Chang Leader... Si Chang ang bibe na nagsabi ng kwak-kwak.
Cheers to living our dreams, to more meet-ups, to more food adventures, and to more trips abroad.

Love lots, xx
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