Book Review: Nichiren by Masahiko Murakami & Ken Tanaka

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nichiren by Masahiko Murakami & Ken Tanaka
(Started & Finished: December 20, 2015)

In 13th-century Japan, disease, famine, violence, and natural disasters plague society. Samurai lords, blinded by power, shirk any responsibility to protect the citizenry. Religious leaders care more about currying favor with the powerful than helping common people find hope and a positive way to deal with their suffering. But one unknown Buddhist monk dares to speak the truth to power: Nichiren remonstrates with the authorities. He insists that all human life is precious and that the government needs to change its ways and become of service to the people. He criticizes the established religions as being merely pawns of the state, who teach ideas that only further the people’s sense of powerlessness. The true purpose of Buddhism, he asserts, is to teach people a way to empower themselves, challenge their destiny, and experience happiness in this life. Based on actual events, this exciting comic touches on major milestones in Nichiren’s life interwoven with basic Buddhist principles. This real-life adventure story will captivate readers as it illustrates the life of one courageous human being who stopped at nothing to bring happiness to the people and peace to the land. (From Goodreads)

Review: 3 stars
Publication Date: August 01, 2015
Source: Middleway Press through Netgalley
Shelf: Goodreads

Looking for a non-typical comic book to read? Well, picking up Nichiren will be a good start. It focuses on religion and faith. As a Japanese Studies graduate, it was pretty interesting for me since it reminds me of all the subjects I took before. Such read always tickles my curiosity to learn more about Japan. It tapped on how politics could greatly affect one's beliefs especially if the people in power abuse it--on how those who do it could actually corrupt a lot of minds. But what caught my attention was on how Nichiren's faith was so strong that it never wavered no matter how he was tested and challenged. There's also a lesson in this comic that is very rare to happen and we should definitely take note of.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Love lots, xx

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