Avon 24K Gold Glam Master Class with Lala Flores

Monday, February 22, 2016

Last December, I was lucky enough to cover another Avon event which I consider one of my favorites. The Avon 24K Gold Glam Master Class with Lala Flores was a makeup tutorial that every girl would be lucky to attend to. From basic steps to adding a touch of glam, name it! Lala had it covered.

Each table had each bag of Avon goodies--including the 24K Gold collection--which the guests used to play with and try on several techniques.

Some of the 24K Gold samples around the venue where the guests were free to check out.

Lala Flores's table (where the magic happens).
Lala Flores showed us 4 looks for different occasions: Daytime Peach Delight, Ravishing Retro Goddess, Beach Bronzed Babe, and Rock Chic Glam. 
For the first look, Lala stuck with a light base and shades. For her, "A daytime look should feel and look light and natural."

Lala also mentioned how important the base makeup is. "When you master the base, you can do any makeup." Plus when choosing a product to use, make sure that it is compatible with your skin. Extra points if it has a nourishing or rejuvenating effect and sun protection.

Daytime Peach Delight.
It was amazing how she helped the models transformed by just putting a bit of color and then achieving another look when she changed it a bit by using bolder shades.
For the second look, you should have a naturally radiant glow to be beach-ready! So when you do your skin preparation, skip the foundation but always use products with strong skin UV protection.

In putting on the eyeliner for this look, Lala told us not to put on the whole lid. You can apply only two-thirds of it.

The Beach Bronzed Babe.

Lala Flores with the crew that made this event possible.
With the guest beauty bloggers.

For the third look, we must achieve the very sexy and mystic smoky eyes. But Lala had some precautionary advice regarding this technique: "The smoky look is easy to do but approach it with caution." She elaborated it by telling us that it looks easy to accomplish because it's just shading your eyes with dark hues but you don't want to look like a raccoon.
So for the smoky eye, make sure to apply the liner on two-thirds of your eyelid only.
The Rock Chic Glam.
For the fourth look, you should know what colors to use to achieve a retro and classic look. Stick with the golds or bronze, and red for your lips.

The Ravishing Retro Goddess.

I didn't know that makeup classes would be so much fun. I hope I could attend another one in the future!

Love lots, xx

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