Slidefest PH (May 2015)

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Hello, everyone! It's Thursday which means throwback posts are allowed today! Since there will be another Slidefest event this month, I would like to share my summer experience! The heat and fatigue were totally worth it. My friends, Nike, Roch, her brother, Richard, and I bought VIP passes for the event. If you're interested in going with your family or barkada this September 26 & 27, I suggest that you buy the VIP pass. It's totally worth it because Nike and I were able to slide in 9 or more rounds. Plus, the lines are really long for the daytime passes so you might get really bitin! You have to wait for your turn and after a round or two, your turn will be done without you realizing it. Unlike with the VIP line, you can just go through easily again and again. 
Go really early, too, so you could have a headstart. Because it will be really hot (unless it rains), wear a rash guard and swimming shorts with a cycling shorts material. My inner thighs were grazed and wounded due to the heat and wet shorts causing friction on my skin. You can also bring your own floaters if you want, but there will be a lot of available ones provided by the organizers and sponsors, too! Everyone will surely fight with each other to get dibs on the Havaianas floaters that are limited. Lucky, I was able to ride one. 
There will be guides on how you will ride the floaters. Make sure that your elbows are in and not touching the floor so your ride will not stop instantly, get friction wounds, or get unexpected injuries. Raise your leg up high so your floater will slide faster. Don't leave your slippers on the start of the slide because you will have to walk a long way before you reach the slides again. Hold on to it or just wear it.
There are two kinds of slide available. One is with clean water and the other is with foam. Make sure to try both as much as you can. In the foam slide, don't talk or open your mouth once you are moving because you don't want to eat the soapy bubbles. But you can smile for the cameras waiting for you in the middle and towards the end of each slide. There will be a shower area where you can rinse and stay cool. Plus, you can also party with your friends while showering since there will be music blaring all over the place.
Bring your GoPros with you and put your phones in a water-resistant case so you can cover the event. The long walks will be a good work out for you so best to have fun and enjoy the experience. Also make sure to put sunscreen every now and then to protect your skin. If you are hungry, you need to go to the bathroom, or you need to change, there will be a lot of food stalls, bathroom & changing stalls in the area. There will also be a place allotted for you to keep your things for safe-keeping. So make sure to put a lock on your bags. There will be a lot of freebies and games, too, so make sure to try them. If you are VIP, there will be a bag of goodies for you to enjoy. There will also be shirts for you to choose from as it comes for free with your pass!

(Photos by Slidefest PH, Nike & Roch)

Hope you all enjoy this post! :)

Love lots, xx

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