Celebrating International Literacy Day with Grammarly

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

As a book blogger and a bookworm, I am encouraging everyone to read and write. It's a good practice for your vocabulary, for you to learn more facts, and to store more knowledge. For those who can read this, you are fortunate enough to have the resources to be able to access this post. It also means that you have enough means to write more or even just to read more. Whether it's just an article, an essay, or a novel, it's still reading which also proves that the digital age is also helping us by giving us millions of accessible reading materials.

But the sad truth is, we still have a long way to go. Even if you live in a first world country, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be concerned. Illiteracy is still upon us and quite rampant all over the world. It's a clear indicator of poverty and disempowerment. We can still help by raising awareness about the importance of literacy. To see the statistics, here's the infographic from Grammarly:
Literacy Day

Aside from spreading awareness, you can also get involved by donating to the following literacy charities:

Thanks to Grammarly for giving me a tap and for making me see the whole picture. Join me and start by raising awareness by sharing the numbers as the first step. Then start taking action by donating or volunteering to your chosen literacy charities.

I hope it's not too late but Happy International Literacy Day!

Love lots, xx

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