Game Night with Clara Olé

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ever held a game night in your life? My friends and I love doing a game night once in a while. We take out our favorite board games and also have a cook-off because we usually do it before or after dinner. But sometimes, it's so hard to think of what food to prepare especially if last minute. But everything is possible and anyone can definitely concoct quick recipes with Clara Olé.
Before the Manny Pacquiao game, I attended the Clara Olé Potluck Food Fest: Game Night. It was held at Amvel Mansions in Parañaque. The Clara Olé Potluck Food Fest gathers homemakers, condo dwellers, and those who love hosting parties at home. They just need to bring their own Clara Olé creations to participate.
Since the MayPac fight was already near (during that time), the place was decorated with Pacquiao and Mayweather photos with tips on the table. We were even given name tags with Team Pacquiao or Mayweather on it.

Here are our favorite Clara Olé products. I wondered what foods will be made using these. We arrived early so the food was not served yet except for this tasty drink.
I thought syrups can only be used on pancakes, ice creams, or desserts. But with Clara Olé, you can actually mix a drink with it. This was actually made of dalandan soda and the Clara Olé Truly Fruity Blueberry Thrill Syrup.
For starters, they started serving pica-picas with this Clara Olé dip.
Then, they finally set the banquet with the following:

More than the potluck, Clara Olé also allowed the guests to share their #DiskarTips so people could also learn new hacks and tricks. Moreover, Clara Olé also invited Chef Kat from Wicked Kitchen and Photographer Mike to teach the guests on how to create Instagram-worthy food!
Aside from cooking delicious and hearty meals, we should also consider doing good plating to serve to our guests. You don't have to do it hotel style but nice enough to impress. Chef Kat showed us how to balance the colors of the food for it to stand out. Like this red pasta, you should top it off with greens not with ingredients in the same color.
After plating, Photographer Mike taught us how to take good photos of our food without using a professional camera. You just need your phone, learn how adjusting, contrasting, and filter works, and find proper lighting. After that, we definitely feel like Instagram pros.
Even Ms. Amy Perez was able to do it without lifting a finger.

Thanks to them for bringing the delightfully, good Clara Olé foods!

Here's Ms. Amy Perez showing us how she did her own plating.

Of course, I didn't pass up on the chance to take a photo with her since a lot of people kept saying that she looks like my mom.

The Clara Olé event was truly worthwhile. I definitely had fun trying out the tasty food! I'd absolutely share these recipes with my mom!

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Love lots, xx

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