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Monday, March 02, 2015

Last February, I was able to visit Nail Tropics in SM BF, Parañaque with my good friend, Nike of The ElectroMagnetChick. We needed some quick R&R to escape reality even just for a bit. Being a frequent of this nail salon, she told me how she always feel pampered and relaxed after a quick mani and pedi spa. I was curious and immediately grabbed the opportunity to try their services.
The place was cozy and has a very soothing ambiance. They also have spa music to match the mood which makes you want to doze off for a while. Since it has a very intimate setting, make sure to book ahead of time so you can avail the schedule you want. They are usually fully booked especially during the weekends. You also have an option to book a private room to yourself if you want to get away from all the chatter and just really spend your alone time.
Upon arriving, they will check your reservation and they will hand you a list of their services that you might want to try. Each service varies on what type of ingredients they will use and the effects on your hands & feet.

4 types of manicure spa: Citrus Breeze, Brighten My Day, Oh So Sweet Scrub, and Nuts About Firming.

4 types of pedicure spa: Mint-O-Feet, Fruit Fetish, Butter Me Up, and Expresso Fresh O!

I chose Brighten My Day where they will be using a skin-brightening mask on my hands to moisturize it, and Butter Me Up since I'm a sucker for all things buttery, and vanilla scented. I was not able to document the whole process since my hands were all busy (wrapped in plastic and all those magnificent things they lather on you), but I will share what basically happened. Two nail artisans will assist you, one dedicated to your feet and the other to your hands. They soaked, scrubbed, moisturized, and massaged my hands & feet. It all felt so good and haaaaaaaaah. I totally fell in love the chocolatey aroma that bask into the area when they started to apply this certain mixture on my legs. Then add the revitalizing scent of peppermint on my hands. I told myself that my hands and feet totally deserve this! After that relaxing process, they asked me on how long will they cut my nails, if they will remove my cuticles, what shape I wanted for nails, etc. They were definitely accommodating and nice to you.
Since they have a love month promo, I told myself why not and also availed their Christian Louboutin promo. Only the first 20 to book can try the luxurious polish and well, I obviously love to be one of the lucky few. This we had to take mandatory photos.
They had to wear gloves because the Rouge Louboutin bottle was too slippery. Wow, and it made me feel so special. LOL. Two coats were applied on my nails and I heard there's no need for a top coat. I guessed it was shiny enough but we researched the reason why:

"A highly pigmented, super glossy formula delivers in just two coats the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer."
It definitely is bold and rich. I was totally in awe.
And how impeccable this bottle is? It is truly one of a kind that I want to have one myself. Preserve it even. Here's the reason behind this design:

"A true objet d’art of a dramatic 8-inch height inspired by the tallest heel Christian Louboutin ever created- the Ballerina Ultima. The iconic Rouge is encased in a faceted, weighted glass bottle with an unique ombré effect. The tall slender cap, inspired by calligraphy, turns the application into a luxurious experience, inviting women to take their time. The custom-designed, patented triangular brush picks up the right amount of formula, without air bubbles, to deliver flawless, chip-resistant coverage."
All in all, the service was great and worth the money. Definitely a must try!

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