Avon Simply Pretty: Playtime with Kathryn

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Last February 03, I was able to attend another awesome Avon event which will launch the new face of Simply Pretty, Teen Queen and Primetime Princess, Kathryn Bernardo! I'm sure all of Kath's and Kathniel fans rejoiced when they heard the news! 
Together with this endorsement launch, Avon will also release some new collection and also the Kathryn Limited Edition Lip Balm! That's one major collectible! (see it later below)

Since the theme was playtime with Kathryn, some Simply Pretty samples were placed on the tables for the guests to play with or to try on.
There was also a wide space in another area for an activity that you'll see later on. Each mirror has a stand below, on top of which was a set of Simply Pretty makeup. Not just a set, but all it's variants--from different shades to collection. You name it!

 Here is the limited edition lip balm!
Aside from the media and bloggers, there were also some Avon Representatives, plus the meet & greet winners of their Power of Two contests. It was evident that they were all giddy and excited to not only see Kathryn in person, but also to interact with her. She came out greeting everyone with a smile, said hello, and waved to the small crowd.
She was all glam up and clad in pink to represent Avon. Clearly, she was blossoming into a beautiful lady. I'm sure all her fans will enjoy these set of photos coming right at ya!

She talked to everyone without hesitation, took selfies with her fans for souvenirs, and was even so game to do some wacky photos with them. You can approach her easily that even I was able to take a video message for my friend.
After the meet & greet, everyone was invited to the other room for the mini interview and for lunch. The brand explained why they chose Kathryn. She is very young, stylish, and a lot of girls look up to her. Why? Because aside from her talent in acting, she also glows and shines with her very natural and effortless look which is what Avon Simply Pretty also believed in. The line's goal is to help you enhance and embrace your natural beauty.
Kathryn also shared that she is an Avon user. Ever since she was a child, she already know of the brand through her mom. She let us in a secret that she used to try on some of her mom's lipsticks. That's why she believed in Avon's mission and loves the products herself.

After the interview, Avon had an incredible surprise for the bloggers. They got to try on the Simply Pretty makeup collection, have their own makeup set, have a makeover from the makeup artists assigned to them, and last but not the least, they got to take home their personalized chairs! How cool was that?

Kathryn also went around the makeover area to look at some of the products and shared some of her favorites item to use. She even tried to put lipstick on one of the guests.

She also tried a few herself.

Ending this post with photos of beautiful flowers in bloom. Like these flowers, you are also Simply Pretty in your own way! :)

Hope you enjoyed this photo diary!

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