Winchester Deal

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

For my quick post today, I will be sharing my recent Supernatural finds in honor of the upcoming Season 10 premiere. I've been a fan of the series since forever and this is one of the shows I really look forward to. I have always been curious to watch this show since I was in high school and only had time to watch it after I graduated college. I found the chance to watch it when my brother and I found a CD lying around our house. We had a marathon from day 'til night because we just can't get enough of the plot and the characters. We were completely hooked! Oh plus, my favorite characters are Dean (no doubt about that), Lucifer, Crowley, Bobby, and Garth. That's quite a variation, don't you think?

Anyway, since my dad is a toy collector, he has been on a search to look for these three. We've raided toy store after toy store for the Chevy Impala until he luckily found one while he was randomly browsing through some shelves. While for the FunkoPOP Sam & Dean, I already told my dad to ask his friends for a pre-order and reserve it for me as soon as the exclusive release has been announced. Then I picked them up immediately as soon as it arrived. I am proud to say that the Winchester brothers are my first toy investments. So much love for the Winchesters and baby! I'm still hoping that they will release a Crowley toy so I can add it to my growing collection.

Have a good evening! :)

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