The Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard Live in Manila

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

In lieu of the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, I decided to share my first comic book signing event with Charlie Adlard, a comic artist for the series. I asked my best bud, Nike of the ElectroMagnetChick to tag along since she loves zombies, the comics, and the TV show. She also joined the contest wherein you can win a meet and greet with Charlie Adlard, and she was so lucky to have won it.
As we were waiting for the event to start, we first strolled around the area and actually had the time to play toys to kill time. That's how kids at heart roll. :P
Hello to you, too!

A few minutes before the event started, we went back to Fully Booked at the Fort and this beautiful book mural welcomed us. We waited and sat in front, and we were too giddy for it to start.
Charlie Adlard came out and we all sat up straight to see him and listen to what he got to say. Guests and fans were given the chance to ask him questions about his personal life, works, The Walking Dead comics and TV series, and some advices for aspiring comic book artists.
It was really a thrill to see him in person, and it was also amusing to watch him talk and share all his experiences. Plus, you gotta love his humor. He was clearly a charming speaker.
What delighted the fans more was when he started to sign the books. Of course, my bff was the first one to got her comic book signed since she was early and one of the winners. Call it first dibs!
Anyhow, almost all of the fans asked him to draw on their comic books and we watched him as he etched familiar characters.
The guy before me asked him to draw Carl and it was amazing. I was totally mind blown that day. The contrast of black and silver was just perfect, and his talent is just incredible.
It was my turn to get my comic book signed, and I was beyond ecstatic! But as usual, I was too shy so all I said was that I like his works and they were amazing. Can you spot my name? :)
So he asked me what character I would like for him to draw. I told him my favorite is Michonne.

I watched the whole process on how he did it and it was awesome! His work was perfect and at first, you wouldn't even see the whole picture. But after he was done, all I can say was wow. Even though he drew Michonne several times during the comic book signing, you will never get tired of seeing him do it every single time...again and again.

So happy to have met Charlie Adlard. It was definitely an unlocked achievement!
Aside from fangirling and the comic book signing, we also witnessed Charlie Adlard's act of kindness. We saw him donate money to the GMA Foundation to help the Yolanda survivors. Such a cool, simple, and humble guy!
And here's a mandatory selfie from us! :P
Say hello to Michonne! Gotta get back to work now! Have a great day everyone! :)

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