Avon NASCON 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello everyone! It's been a while! As much as I want to try to be consistent with blogging, I still haven't perfected balancing it with work. But I will be well adjusted soon, I hope. The last few weeks of August were pretty hectic. After the Sweet Honesty Press Launch, I have another event coverage which is the Avon NASCON 2014. It is the National Sales Conference of Avon wherein representatives and franchise dealers all over the country are gathered to know more about the upcoming products, statistic updates, rewards and a lot more.
It was a privilege to be a part of this event and to cover it because it was one of Avon's biggest events of the year. Plus, more or less, I was able to understand how it all works and appreciate how the company is able to help in achieving so many people's dreams.

The place was packed with Avon ladies from all ages, men and even children. It was nice to know that the event turned out to be a family thing.

The event started with cheers. The Avon ladies were divided into two teams: North and South. It was fun to see how united they were.

The event amplified when Angeline Quinto came out to perform Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé. It was very empowering for all the Avon ladies.

The NASCON 2014 was hosted by Luis Manzano and the other one was from Avon. (I'm sorry I can't remember her name.)
President and General Manager of Avon Philippines, Julie Tatarczuck was on stage to give a motivational speech after the short performance of Angeline Quinto. Now, off to the highlights of the event.
The new Sweet Honesty ambassador, Julia Montes was introduced again in NASCON 2014. 

Another fragrance ambassador of Avon, Angel Locsin was also there to greet and see the crowd.

It was adorable to see her and his beau, Luis on stage because they were just teasing each other. I'm sure it made the crowd kilig!

Avon also surprised three ladies from the audience by giving them a complete makeover courtesy of their official make-up artist, Ms. Lala Flores.

As we waited for the makeover results, Angeline Quinto then again performed and sung for some of the Avon awardees.

My team and I went backstage to see how the makeover was going, and it was incredibly exciting to see their transformation.
Meanwhile on stage, Drew Arellano and another host from Avon, took the stage to inform the FDs about the amazing rewards that awaits them for their hard work.

The three ladies for the overall look transformation were called and the crowd can't helped but cheered because of how stunning they look.

After that, the event proceeded to a fashion show of what's in store for you with Avon Fashions.

Another brand ambassador, Georgina Wilson, was called to introduce a new line for Avon Fashions and something that is also close to her heart.

Another sneak peak for Avon Fashions.
Then KGBC Ambassador, Solenn Heussaff was also called to teach the crowd the Dibdiban dance to raise breast cancer awareness.

A short and beautiful dance number from a few ballerinas also commenced to introduce the Skin So Soft brand ambassador, Georgina Wilson.

She was on stage to talk about how she achieved a flawless white skin from neck to toe with Skin So Soft. They hinted a new product for the line which is very exciting. You might have seen a sneak peek on the latest Avon brochure. ;)

Randy Santiago and Bayani Agbayani also performed to entertain the crowd. Their humor was really patok that the audience can't help but laugh with their crazy antics. Their witty lines were inserted perfectly while they were showing some Avon items for Christmas! Well, all I can say is that, it was something you should look forward to.

Solenn Heussaff also assisted them with the jewelry line.

Here are the GMAC awardees for 2014.
Someone who truly deserves a 5-peat streak is Ms. Ging Sibal. She was awarded the Hall of Fame Award for the fifth time.

The night ended with Sarah Geronimo performing on stage. It was truly worth it as she danced and sung the night away. She totally blew our minds with her amazing act.

Too bad we can't stay that long as my friends and I booked a trip to Tagaytay for the long weekend.
It was definitely an incredible experience for me and my team. We can't wait for more exciting events to cover.

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