Bangkok Comic Con 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I can't believe that it's been a while. I've been writing this post since July and it's already the second to the last day of August! I do not know where my days went... Well, it's mostly with work but I love it and it challenges me. I just need to work on my time management skills. Anyhow, our third day in Bangkok was basically spent in the Bangkok Comic Con 2014. It was definitely an unlocked achievement that I never knew I could experience. It wasn't San Diego, but it will absolutely do for now!
We started our day by visiting different shopping stops in Pratunam. Of course, we visited our favorite Dunkin' Donuts.
We saw the Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2014 displays again and of course, our day will never be complete without food.

That's the rest of our third day and now, I am excited to share with you guys what happened to the Bangkok Comic Con 2014. I am really glad that we saw the poster when we were on our way home from Siam Niramit. Everything fell into place and I can say that, despite the limited budget, I was still able to maximize our trip.
Since it's the weekend, there were more people who visited the event. There were more cosplayers, too, like these Silent Hill nurses and Pyramid Head.

Too bad I missed the live conference with Ian Somerhalder and Stephen Amell because the schedule was too early for us. Well, maybe next time.
Toothless!!! If only I can take this home!
Funko Pop was one of the major sponsors of the event so there were racks and racks of the cutest mini figures! I am a fan of these toys so imagine my excitement to see its different variants.

The Funko Pop diorama of The Walking Dead characters. I hope to collect all of them in the future.
Just a quick backstory, I am not new to toy collections and fascinations. Ever since I was a kid, I witnessed my dad trade, collect, and admire different figures and characters, especially the villains. My dad is very particular to his collections that I wanted something different and also wanted my own. That's why I love the Funko Pop toys. They're cute, adorable, mini, and they have the characters I love from TV series to movies, etc. A friend of mine also said that it was very 'me.' We already have four pieces at home and I can't wait to add more!

The Bangkok Comic Con 2014 is also celebrating 75 years of Batman so they showcased him as the main feature which included different Batman figures and the stunning lifesize Bat Mobile.

They also feature cute and adorable characters for kids!

Oh look! It's Boo! Lots of Boo!!!
I wouldn't pass up the chance to channel my inner Michonne!

The line was too long for the Iron Throne but I still went for it so I can feel how it is to sit on it and to show my brother that I was able to see it in person.
LOL at Helen's socks but we should look like we were falling here. Haha!

Here I was leaving a mark on this DIY statue.

It might have been short, but for me it was an unforgettable experience. It is definitely a step closer to San Diego Comic Con! More than anything, I am happy to achieve this milestone with these two crazies! Until our next adventure! :)

(iPhone 4S Photos from Nike of the ElectroMagnetChick & Helen of Wanderlen)

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