Toblerone Epic Snow Party

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last Friday night, I was invited to the Toblerone Epic Snow Party at Imperial Ice Bar in the Fort. Our favorite triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat is launching their limited edition and first ever 100g dual-flavored Toblerone SnowTop bar.
The Toblerone Snowtop is a combination of the original flavor capped with white chocolate. It strongly reminds me of the mountains in Switzerland; how they are beautifully covered with snow. Well, the Snowtop will surely bring you the chill of being close to the Swiss Alps or the Jura Mountains with just a bite.
The place was flocked by white and silver (or gray) as the Tobies, or the Toblerone lovers, gathered for the launch in this frosty theme. Earlier on the event, fashion blogger and ambassador, Laureen Uy was there to choose and award the Best Dressed among the guests. 
The crowd was asked to join the countdown and as soon as we reached 'one,' the place was blasted by foam, and then the party started. Because my friends and I were a giddy bunch, we strategically placed ourselves near the ice bar so we can be the ones to get the first dibs! Hahaha. We schemed and we conquered!
The place was freezing below zero and my whole body eventually felt numb because I have no scarf, no gloves, and I was wearing my new pair of black flats. But I loved it! It made me miss Japan even more.
This is what my outfit looks like that night. So imagine the chill I got from the ice bar. Good thing, the place will lend you a coat to endure the temperature.
Different ice sculptures including the name of Toblerone was displayed inside the ice bar. Of course, we did not pass up the chance to make use of them!

With burger king and the man behind Between the Buns, Jaba Orellana.
Feeling like a princess on what I called the "TobleThrone."

The Toblerone shots were poured in glasses literally made from ice. I tell you, these shots were deliciously addicting that we went back to get another one. Too bad, it was limited because I can drink it the whole day. Not to sound alcoholic (because I'm far from one), my friends and I are on the lookout for its mix or we might try to make our own concoction with our huge bars of Toblerone (see below).
Got our hood on!
With Nike aka DJ Amistocino, Helen of Wanderlen, and Ms. Hannah Mendoza of Toblerone.

Everyone who attended the event went home with a Toblerone gift pack and they were more than generous to give four 400g original flavor and one 100g Snowtop! Yay! Can't wait to share these with my family!

For all the Tobies out there, get a chance to win a trip to Switzerland by joining Toblerone Pilipinas' #MakeSomeonesDay Contest! Just share either a Toblerone SnowTop bar, a Toblerone Crunchy Almonds bar or the six customized Toblerone sleeves with sweet messages to your family and friends, take a photo of it, and post it with the hashtag #MakeSomeonesDay! Easy peasy right? Don't forget to tag Toblerone Pilipinas' Facebook and Instagram pages. :)
Get the limited edition Toblerone Snowtop on your favorite 7 Eleven store near you!

(Photos without watermark by Helen & Nike)

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