Mos Burger

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

We ate at Mos Burger in our fifth day in Japan. It was a regular day and yet, it was really special. It was the day I realized that there are so many nice people all over the world, and my fellow Filipinos do show their sense of community no matter where and who they are. Well, let me tell you a little story. My family and I were checking out boots for my cousin when we met this good samaritan. We overheard her speaking in Filipino and we couldn't stop ourselves from greeting her "Maligayang Pasko" (in English, Merry Christmas). She smiled, responded, and even had a long conversation with my mom and aunt. Because she was so happy to have met other Filipinos during the Christmas season, she offered us a treat for lunch. We refused but she insisted and she said, "Minsan lang naman. Tsaka Pasko ngayon!" (in English, it doesn't happen often and it's Christmas!). She barely ate and just talked to us all through out lunch since she will also meet a friend that day. She was one of the blessings in disguise we received during our trip.
As for my review, the place is really cozy. I love how its ambiance balances Japan's traditional and modern qualities which are also evident on Mos Burger's displays. Magazines are available to be read for free. The Japanese are very keen to their hygiene that's why I have to commend the sanitation of the fast food restaurant. You also have to practice CLAYGO (Clean As You Go). The soda and ice, the food, the paper and the plastic have separated bins where you have to put your trash. I like how it teaches and disciplines people about cleanliness.
Now, I understand why there was a bird in the logo. Outside Mos Burger was a circle which sort of reminds me of the streets in Europe. My mom once told me that when birds flocked a house or an establishment, it means it is blessed. Perhaps it is because there were pigeons everywhere and they perched on the place. 
The burger was a bit small but it was delicious. The patty and sauce have rich flavors which taste perfectly when combined with cheese. The fries were also fresh and naturally good. The cola is a bit less sweeter than the usual but that's how it is in Japan. They have a healthier lifestyle compared to others but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy a few guilty pleasures.

That's it for today! Until the next post everyone! :)

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