New In: Japan Day 5 Goodies

Monday, February 24, 2014

We went to the city of Hamamatsu on our fifth day in Japan to explore, to eat and to shop. I was in a tight budget so I had to think quadruple times before I buy an item and also prioritize the things I really need.
Shiseido Baby Powder (Pressed & Medicated), Maybelline Line & Design and Maybelline False Lash Volume Express (Matsumoto Kiyoshi)
These are actually a (legit) girl's necessities. Especially now that I'm working, I need to make sure that I look the part or just feel pretty whenever my self-confidence needs a lift. Sometimes all you need is the right tools and beautiful clothes to make yourself wonderful. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is an original quote from moi. Off to the products, the baby powder is similar to the one Pigeon (a Japanese brand) has. My mom always used that when I was a kid and she told me that it was good for our sensitive skin. Nowadays, a lot of Japanese make-ups are formulated to match an infant's skin, meaning it is very light and it will not cause you allergies. This powder is perfect to use on a daily basis; to freshen up and just in case, you're not planning to put on make-up.

The Maybelline Line & Design in Natural Brown is for the eyebrows. As you all know, I lack in that department and I need to put an effort to draw mine. It's part of my 2014 goals to fix it so for the meantime, I have to make do with this. So far, I can say it is a really good product since it is very easy to use and apply, the pigmentation is au naturel, and it comes with a spool brush.

Different eyelashes need different mascaras. I also got myself this Maybelline False Lash Volume Express since I need mine to be thicker and lengthened for extra boost. My eyelashes are naturally curled but not as gifted as my younger sister's (Airish). In buying this, my younger cousins, The Moriyamas, also taught me the use of the curve of the mascara spool. It was definitely enlightening. I can't wait to review these items!

H&M sweater

H&M dress
I was definitely in shopping heaven when I saw the drop-down prices of H&M. Everything was on sale! I went through a crisis where I was so torn on what to buy. I got this sweater and dress because I know I can use them at work. The sweater was around ¥1,000 and I got the dress for only ¥300! Definitely a great buy right? Plus, in Japan, the clothes they put on sale are also the ones in season so it was definitely a good bargain.

Forgive my rambling, I just missed blogging about the usual things I had to deal with before and of course, this alternate-slash-not-so-secret-life. Have a good evening everyone!

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