Book Review: Synchronized Breathing by Tara Ellison

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Synchronized Breathing by Tara Ellison
(Started: November 04, 2013; Finished: November 17, 2013)

Nothing announces the failure of one's life quite as loudly as having to move back in with your mother at the ripe old age of thirty-five. Unfortunately for Scarlett Spencer, her marriage has recently imploded and she's headed to Beverly Hills-toddler in tow-to move in with her over-sexed mother, CeCe. But maneuvering life back at home isn't the only challenge . . . After being a stay-at-home mom, Scarlett wades back into the Hollywood employment pool with hilarious results. Even more terrifying is the prospect of reentering the dating world. She soon learns that balancing motherhood with the unique demands of Hollywood men creates a new twist on the dating dilemma. Tired of dating jerk after jerk, Scarlett goes on a self-imposed "man-diet," which isn't easy when her mother is perpetually on a manhunt. But in the quiet of this new man-free existence, Scarlett discovers what is really important in her life. Synchronized Breathing is a cheeky, light-hearted story about moving on and realizing that mother doesn't always know best. (From Shelfari)
Review: 3 stars
Publication Date: November 14, 2013
Source: The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House through Netgalley
Shelf: Goodreads, Shelfari
Available on: Amazon

It was such a long time since I've read this book and to be honest, I'm still trying to find out what words to say. I feel like a newbie in reviewing books as of the moment but I will do try my very best to share my thoughts about this book. Cover-wise, I think it was really pretty. It obviously shows it's a women fiction or chick literature. I don't know but I feel like I often see books in that genre with such artful and cartoony covers which, don't get me wrong, also attracts me to read it. I've already mentioned before that I am a sucker for lovely covers.

The main point of this story, in my opinion, was on how a woman will assert herself in this world after being too dependent on men for years. Scarlett just got divorced and she's been in a dating cycle of jerks that she forgot how to stand on her own. Personally and I don't want to sound arrogant or overconfident, but my personality is very opposite to Scarlett's. I believe that I can be happy, independent and live a life that I wanted without men. It's not that I am not open to the idea but I am not desperate to pick guys that I know are off my standards. Bottom line is I don't let my world revolve on them. But with Scarlett, I think her way of thinking was mainly influenced by her mother whether she admits it or not. But their only difference is that her mother was in control. She was an alpha-female in her own way, alright. She reminds me of Samantha of Sex and the City actually.

I like how Synchronized Breathing had a potential of going to the women empowerment route. It was clear that Scarlett could overcome her marital and emotional issues. Oh and somewhat she did towards the end. I definitely did enjoy reading when I reached the middle part and when Scarlett had balls to teach those guys she dated before a lesson. But somehow, it got dull when she show some unstable tendencies with her decisions. I wish the ending came sooner and I wish that chapter was longer to elaborate the happy ending.

Overall, Synchronized Breathing is for female adults who enjoy contemporary reading, romance, and chick literature in general.

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