Thursday, January 02, 2014

What I wore: fleece coat & khaki pants Uniqlo • boots Forever 21
gloves Piago
earmuffs 3 coins

polka dot print heat tech top Uniqlo

We were off to Gotemba to see the imported stores and the lights show similar to what we usually see in the Ayala Triangle. We were told that the climate in Gotemba was colder than Iwata. So I had to use two layers of clothing, relying on my heat tech clothing. I was also wearing heat tech leggings underneath these pants. Let me tell you, it was really freezing! We had to snuggle each to each other and keep our hands in our pockets. But it was inevitable since we had to take photos and videos. I'm so excited to share with you guys the displays we saw that day. Watch out for it on my next photo diary! I will be posting it soon!

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269. My Neighbor Totoro by Tsugiko Kubo

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267. Think Like a Copywriter by Alastaire Allday

266. Heneral Luna: The History Behind the Movie by Vivencio R. Jose, Ruby Rosa A. Jimenez

265. Rumors (Rumors #1) by A.C. Arthur

264. An Armadillo in New York by Julie Kraulis

263. Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon by Terry John Barto

262. Our Love Grows by Anna Pignataro

261. Molly Rides by Adam B. Ford, Brian Berley

260. Noni Speaks Up by Heather Hartt-Sussman, Geneviève Côté


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