New In: Japan Day 2 Goodies

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The earmuffs my sister bought us in Aeon Mall. It was so cold! We just have to protect our ears!
Mentholatum Acnes cleansing foam, toner & ointment
I've mentioned this before, since I have a very sensitive skin, I'm very wary of the products I use on my face. It has to cater all the things my face needs. I was so happy because I saw this product line which I love to use. Before, my sister and friends would only give me the cleansing foam but now I was able to buy a variety of their products.
Piago smartphone compatible gloves
I had to buy one because my hands tend to freeze whenever I took my gloves off to take photos or videos. I was able to buy this for only a hundred yen. Too bad, the point finger hardly works so I have to use my thumb to open my phone.
Seria striped pouch
I'm not an impulsive buyer. It happens very seldom but most of the time, I always think of the things I need. I always ask myself, "do I need this?"I always ask my family or friends' opinion whenever I'm shopping so they could knock the sense out of me in case, it's an impulsive buy. I got this pouch in a hundred yen store. I needed this for my chargers and cords to replace the Wendy's bag I've been using as a temporary case.
Little Twin Stars earphone cord manager
My earphones are usually tangled with my brush or the other stuff that can be found inside my bag. Now, I don't need to pull and disentangle it from my other things!
panda mask
We were told to use masks to protect us from the flu due to the very cold climate. I got this in a hundred yen store. Who can't resist a panda mask?
Princess phone/mp3 pouches
My sister bought one before on her last trip to Japan and I asked her why she didn't get me one, doesn't she know that I'm a princess. LOL. Finally, I was able to buy one for my phones! Yay!

Wishing all of you a happy new year! Looking forward to great things ahead!

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