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Friday, October 04, 2013

As much as I don't want to skip dates and schedule my posts consecutively, I was lacking on that department for the past few weeks. I was torn in dealing with my daily routines and in giving this precious creature the attention she deserves. Of course, I chose the latter with a few TV and movie marathons, and reading in between. Anyway, I would like you to meet our little princess, Sugar Chloé von Chow. She's originally my cousin's pet. But since my cousin was too young to take care of Chloé, we took the liberty to handle the puppy and tend to her needs. How can you not refuse to this little bear?
• This was taken when she was only two months old! •

You might be wondering why she was named Sugar Chloé von Chow. My cousin, who is the co-owner, named her Sugar because Chloé has a cream color as compare to her brother who has brown fur (which explains his name, Brownie). We kept the name as respect to the first owner and added Chloé. Moreover, the surname came from her breed, Chow Chow.
(1) First time to watch TV (White Collar is on!) • (2) Lucky shot when she was still so hyper and super playful.

Chloé is also LETHAL in terms of chewing things, killing flies, snoring and sleeping. Of course as a puppy, they're still teething and exploring things orally. They love to bite, nip, chew, or lick all the things they can put inside their mouths. It is evident on the first photo. She also chewed one of her toys to bits before. But don't worry she's a charmer and a sweet one. She's not aggressive as she let on whenever she sees some slippers. She really has a love-hate relationship with it. Chloé can be as fast as the speed of light whenever she steals mine. *laughs out loud* Moving on to her next hobby, Chloé's a professional fly killer. I tell you, she already caught four flies in her third month and ate one today. Next is she's a heavy snorer. She snores like a man. Very unlady-like but we all have our flaws and she's still cute whenever she does that. Lastly, the term "masandal tulog" (in a not so literal English translation, she can sleep anywhere, anytime, and in any position) is the appropriate term to describe this chow bear. She can sleep in a lounge (my little cousin celebrated her birthday in our aunt's bar), outside a coffee shop, name it! She can sleep the whole day, too. Refer to the two photos below and see how she can sleep in that position. One time, she was standing on my sister's lap and I saw her head slowly falling and woke up when she nearly did. Like when humans are fighting sleep! She's adorable like that.
(1) Chloé bit her new socks. • (2 & 3) "Must. Fight. Sleep."
• Chloé's different sleeping positions •
(1) My favorite sleeping position of Chloé bear: the chicken legs! • (2) Since she's shredding fur nowadays, look at her feet: ombré-fied!

This will ain't be a fashion-related blog if I will not share to you guys some of Chloé's cutest outfits! The princess deserves to be stylish, you know.
 (1) Chloé wearing my sister's old dress. • (2 & 3) The Princess in a Tutu • (4) Got My Hood On
(5) Animal Print • (6) Pastel Stripes • (7) Minnie Mouse
(8) Make Way For the Queen • (9) Pretty in Pink • (10) Bear Waldorf • (11) Houndstooth
 (12) You're Gonna Hear Me Roar • (13 -- bottom center) Unicorns I Love Them • (14) My Little Lamb

All the clothes: Arf Arf Love
Louis Vuitton inspired shoes & Mickey Mouse socks: Paws N' Fins

Chloé also had her Muttday last September 29. She turned four months and we celebrated it with a little something for her from Whole Pet Kitchen. See how adorable her mini cake were which she munched on in less than seven minutes. Plus some daily dose of different flavored treats.
Hope you enjoyed this little photo diary dedicated to our dear petling! For more photos or videos of her, you can follow @thechloediaries on Instagram or Facebook!

Have a great weekend!

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