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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Since I have not been posting outfit articles lately, let me drown you with some style profiles or look boards inspired by the characters I read from books. In this post, I'll be sharing with you the ones I made for Lillie Hart based on the book When the World was Flat (And we were in love) by Ingrid Jonach. Forgive me because I'll miss out on the specifics today since the stupid me accidentally deleted my note about her. *screaming my head out now* But I will try to tell those I can remember.
Pastel & Gold by arraabella featuring genuine leather handbags

(1) jeans; (2) cheesecloth top; (3) gold flats; (4) colored plastic bangles

This was the first outfit Lillie wore at the beginning of the book. I'm not sure if it was the first day of school but I know that it is the day when Tom arrived in Green Grove. So it doesn't hurt for a girl to dress up, right? I came up with a palette that is subtle and can compliment her gold flats. I imagined Lillie in this feminine and yet casual look for a strong and at the same time, sweet impact. Don't you love how a pastel color can tame gold? I added the messy braided hairstyle since I believe that it will be a perfect match for this outfit plus the infinity necklace which sums up the book's story. *wink wink*
Highlighting Oxblood by arraabella featuring thick glasses

(1) jeans; (2) short-sleeved cardigan

This was one of the sets wherein I really improvised since the given description was too general--which I actually enjoyed because it gave me the chance to be creative and play with it. Since the fall season has already come upon us, what better way to make this set is to show some autumn colors. I love how it is gloomy and at the same time still unleashes the vixen in you. LOL. Such a strong color with character. Again, I wanted to emulate a very feminine vibe and a look for Lillie that is still sophisticated. This is actually my favorite!
Dunk Hey! by arraabella featuring OBEY Clothing

(1) jeans; (2) donkey-print shirt; (3) sneakers

Okay this looks a bit different from the first two outfits for Lillie because it's sporty and very street wear. It's the donkey's fault! There was no dorky one available like how it was described on the book and I only found this which actually looks pretty cool. I would snag one if I'll wear it like this! You might have also noticed the title. I tried to sound witty and made up a phrase that will sound like donkey. Haha. Anyway, this outfit was worn by Lillie when she went to Rose Hill for an art project (please tell me Ingrid if I'm right! Experiencing short-term memory gap here!).
Sunny Disposition by arraabella featuring elephant scarves

(1) yellow shirt; (2) jeans; (3) sneakers

I think this is another outfit she'd worn when she went back to Rose Hill. This is really the most casual and normal attire I created for an ordinary day. I added another color aside from yellow to make it more alive and jazzed the plain shirt with an elephant print scarf. The tote was also perfect because of its vintage bicycle print. One thing I missed out though was the camera. I wish I included one here or on the other sets. I knew I was missing something and I can't stop looking at the pink camera while I was browsing Polyvore so clearly it was a sign that I ignored. Eeep.

Mismatched! by arraabella featuring cowboy boots

(1) pink smock dress; (2) worn out cowboy boots; (3) a pink mask with a ribbon on the upper right corner

I wasn't able to find the exact items for this set, I had to improvised for almost everything and I tried to keep the items similar to the description. I hope it worked!
Hint of Red by arraabella featuring a bowler hat

(1) white knitted hoodie; (2) jeans

This was an ordinary outfit and so I added a touch of red which I took inspiration from the red m&ms.
Little Miss Sunshine by arraabella featuring round toe flats

(1) pale yellow knit; (2) jeans; (3) gold ballet flats

This was worn in one of the few dates Lillie had with Tom. It somehow symbolizes happiness and innocent love.

Scarlet Love by arraabella featuring soda shoes

(1) red sweater; (2) jeans; (3) snow boots

This was the turning point. If I remember it correctly, Lillie wore this before that unfortunate event. 

Grunge Girl by arraabella featuring Wet Seal

(1) jeans; (2) three-fourths sleeved shirt

She came from a very depressing state and I feel like she needed to seclude herself from the world hence the cap and the colors chosen. A loose and comfy clothing is just right for a girl mending a broken heart.
Forever Love by arraabella featuring post earrings

(1) light pink billowy top; (2) jeans; (3) jacket

If you have read this book, you'll get the idea when Lillie have worn this. It might have been in sweet and cheery tones but the event was completely different. Oh it brought me to tears but I guess the key is for you to have a little faith. ;) Anyway, heels won't hurt a bit if worn occasionally and I think it's about time for Lillie. I know I can relate to her since I am a sneaker-flats-and-slippers kind of girl, too, but still who can resist heels?

So which are your favorites? Have a great weekend!

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