Book Review: Tainted by A.E. Rought

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tainted by A.E. Rought
(Started: September 24, 2013; Finished: September 29, 2013)

Alex Franks believes the madness is behind them. With Ascension Labs under his direction and the forces threatening Emma's life overcome, they have a chance at a normal life, and keeping his secrets safely buried. But a shadow rises from Alex’s past, and she wants him back. Criminally brilliant, Hailey Westmore will stop at nothing to claim the boy she was meant to be with. 
Without warning, Emma Gentry finds she cannot trust anything. Not her mind, her memory, not even herself. Tragic events and unexpected deaths stalk Alex and Emma, testing them in ways they would never imagine, and may not survive. Alex carries a new secret, and a horrifying guilt that Hailey uses to her advantage. 
Emma’s life and sanity hang in the balance, and Alex may have created a monster... (From Goodreads)
Review: 3 stars
Publication Date: October 01, 2013
Source: Strange Chemistry & the Author
Shelf: Goodreads, Shelfari
Available on: Amazon
The second installment of the Broken series unfolded itself before my eyes as soon as I finished the first one. I just can't stop myself for getting curious after all that had transpired from Broken. This book is narrated by Alex and was seen in his point of view. I appreciate that since it will help me as a reader to know more about Alex as I did with Emma on the first book. I was also looking forward to Tainted because the protagonists will get to meet new characters and encounter new issues.

The events were perhaps more intense than in the first book. It was a joyride of climactic conflicts which is thrilling and at the same time, it somehow made me feel that I was running around in circles. Similar to Broken, I was able to predict the whole thing again. It was just screaming out and I wanted to shake the characters for not realizing it. They prolonged the agony by turning the other cheek when the whole time, the answer is already in front of them. I was somehow disappointed with Alex because I know he was smart, rational and capable of anything but somehow his character became...dense. It was weird because I already guessed who was the source of all their problems but still he didn't do anything about it and still believe that he didn't know. It resulted to the issues blowing out of proportion when he could have already acted on it. It was like he covered a bleeding wound with a band-aid and it still would not stop. The villains and those with "potential" were also too shallow and ineffective. They didn't caused enough terror and fear, if you ask me. Their motivation is there but it was executed weakly and in a wrong way. They could have created a stronger impact. What made me give this book a three-star rating and what I did not expect was Jason's character. His development was amazing. I am actually speechless and I can't seem to think of what to say about him that will not spoil you, guys. All I know is that he is loyal and a great friend, and Alex was really lucky. I cried for him, seriously. I feel for Bree.

Overall, Tainted is still rough around the edges and didn't seem to be far more better than Broken. It still needs work with the plot and conflicts since it felt forced at times. Even the characters, I believe, need a better personality development. The readers needed to see and feel the progress. But sometimes a book only needs one redeeming element and it is Jason.

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