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Saturday, September 07, 2013

As I was checking my email, I saw this sweet message from Tista Ray--the young adult author of Melancholic Delight--on her blog, . Thanks Tista! I am really honored!
I never expected to get another and only thought that I deserve the Backlog Queen Award (if that even exist) since I found myself taking these long breaks to give myself some space from writing for the reason that I do not want to pressure myself anymore and in which I earned more drafts and delayed posts. Well, enough babbling! Let's have some fun and let me share this wonderful award to other well-deserved blogs.

Here are the rules for those nominated:
1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer 5 Super Sweet Questions. (see below)
3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your post.
4. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.
5. Notify your Super Sweet Nominees on their blog.

Here are the Super Sweet Questions and my answers: 
1. Cookies or Cake?
This is hard. But I have to choose! So I'll pick cake!

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

I will go for chocolate!

3. Favorite sweet treat?

Strawberries & Cream frappucino!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?
When I'm feeling down or sad and of course, when it is that time of the month.

5. Sweet nickname?
Unfortunately I have a really short name, I don't need and/or have a nickname. :(

And now for the nomination of thirteen bloggers who deserve the Super Sweet Blog Award, they are the following:
1. Travails and Trivialities of a High School Graduate -- a dear friend who never fails to visit and read my posts and when she's not busy with school.
2. Looking for Leo -- the girl who introduced me to Stargirl and baked delicious cupcakes that I wish to taste soon again. (Yes, I'm making parinig. LOL.)
3. Mics and Blueberries -- a sweet friend who lives in another country who always supports my hobbies and endeavors, and who never stops listening to my constant blabbering about books, TV shows and movies.
4. Sparkle & Glitters -- my adorable cousin who never fails to amaze me with her make-up skills.
5. Gorgeous Glance -- my wonderful sister who's always there for me in fashion emergencies and personal life crisis.
6. Edgy Author -- another Lynne Ewing fan who I virtually met through Tumblr and never fails to visit my blog and comment on almost every post. Thank you!
7. The Bookish Confections -- one of my new found book blogger friends. :)
8. Cozy Afternoon Chums -- one of my new found book blogger friends. :)
9. Kyle of Selkie Reads Stories -- -- one of my new found book blogger friends. :)
10. Noor's Place -- a blogger that shares funny but quite relatable posts and who also interacts and comments back. :)
11. Chatter Blossom -- full of inspiring posts whether through her writing or through the photos she shares. The vintage style is a plus. Another one of those dear bloggers who interacts and comments back. :)
12. Candace's Book Blog -- I love reading her book reviews and other book-related posts.
13. The Ballerina on Fire -- sweet kid who shares my passion of books and dancing. How I wish I am a ballerina, too. ;)

To all those mentioned, thank you guys and I'm just returning the gratitude through this award. ♥

Have a great day!

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266. Heneral Luna: The History Behind the Movie by Vivencio R. Jose, Ruby Rosa A. Jimenez

265. Rumors (Rumors #1) by A.C. Arthur

264. An Armadillo in New York by Julie Kraulis

263. Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon by Terry John Barto

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261. Molly Rides by Adam B. Ford, Brian Berley

260. Noni Speaks Up by Heather Hartt-Sussman, Geneviève Côté


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