Bookgasm: Princess Mia Thermopolis

Friday, September 20, 2013

As promised, here is my bookgasm post for Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries. I've always loved Mia Thermopolis, whether in the books or in the movies. I can always relate to her being the awkward girl who loves to write and has a lot of insecurities, and with the humor you can't get enough of. I love that Mia embraced herself being a princess and being simply Mia. Together with Meg Cabot, they made me believe that I was also a princess (in my own way, at least). I will always be thankful for this series, Princess Mia and Meg Cabot for making my adolescent years worthwhile.
Princess Mia Thermopolis by arraabella featuring silver sandals

(1) floral gown; (2) heels; (3) ring; (4) lace gloves; (5) tiara; (6) diary; (7) pen

You might ask me why a floral gown. My inner Mia will say, "because Grandmere says so!" But seriously, I wanted to recreate her look when she accepted the throne. She was wearing this ball gown with floral prints but I wasn't able to get the exact thing. To also not make it that grand, I chose these lovely lace gloves to complete the royal ensemble. If I were given the chance to choose what the Princess will wear, oh I would go for a simple long gown, maybe in black and some sexy heels. I badly want to insert the punk trend (which Lilly approves) but Grandmere will strangle me, that's for sure. Of course, the handy dandy diary will never leave her side. She never killed the habit even when she was already a princess. I would've been her number one follower if she shifted to actively blogging. Haha.

(1) white shirt; (2) plaid skirt; (3) knee high socks; (4) dorky eyeglasses; (5) Doc Marten boots; (6) backpack; (7) necktie; (8) heart locket necklace; (9) Star Wars Storm Trooper earphones

Despite the glitz and glamour the royalty brings, Mia will always be Mia. This geeky girl who thinks she's invisible and has a crush on Michael Moscovitz. Who doesn't? I love Michael. Sorry for my inner Mia commentary. I can't shake it off. Anyway, I've always pictured her in a plaid skirt and white, crisp polo shirt. She's no rebel so I wouldn't use regular or statement shirts. That would be Lilly. Of course, we can't forget the knee-high socks and instead of flats or heels, she's very loyal to her Doc Marten boots. Since she's also very introvert and I imagined her listening to music and drowning herself to her own world, I added this amazing Storm Trooper earphones. C'mon. You're no Princess Mia fan if you don't know that she's a Star Wars fan. May the force be with you.

Overall, I think I'm a little bit of both and I'm not afraid to embrace my dorkiness. Like Mia, you can have the best of both worlds (wrong show LOL) you can be this light saber fighting princess and still rule the world. Whatever works for you.

Do you also love Princess Mia and identify yourself with her? What do you think? :)

Have a great day! :)

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