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Friday, August 02, 2013

Control (Shift #2) by Kim Curran
(Started: July 27, 2013; Finished: August 02, 2013)

Scott Tyler is not like other teenagers. With a single thought he can alter reality around him. And he can stop anyone else from doing the same. 
That's why he's so important to ARES, the secret government agency that regulates other kids like him: Shifters. 
They've sent him on a mission. To track down the enigmatic Frank Anderson. An ex-Shifter who runs a project for unusual kids - as if the ability to change your every decision wasn't unusual enough. But Anderson and the kids have a dark secret. One that Scott is determined to discover. 
As his obsession with discovering the truth takes him further away from anyone he cares about, his grip on reality starts to weaken. Scott realizes if he can't control his choices, they'll control him. (From Goodreads)
Review: 5 stars
Publication Date: August 06, 2013 (US & ebooks)
Source: Strange Chemistry through Netgalley
Shelf: Goodreads, Shelfari
Available on: Amazon
As you can see, I just finished the book and so giddy to say what I have to say about Control but there is a need to appreciate its cover first. Like Shift, I knew that the cover would be part of the events that would be found in the book, perhaps at the start, in the middle or towards the end. Again, I love how it looks so high definition that it can pass as a movie poster.

Moving on to the story, it was such a compelling read that was even more strengthened by its complexity. Usually plots that involve time warps and alternate realities in constant flux would usually be so confusing that even the writer herself would be out of touch which will result to so many loopholes that will eventually be pinpointed by the readers. This will make the whole thing a flop. However, Kim Curran was able to manipulate and wield her creation to her own will with precision and clarity, enough for the readers to enjoy its intricate details. I really appreciate how you can easily feel and live in a Shifter's world by just reading the book. It was so well-defined that you will not be lost or missed out on anything. But then again, you can Shift back if you do (see what I did there *wink wink*). Well seriously, I think that’s also why it was so effective. I feel like I felt what the Shifter has been through, particularly Scott, because of how vivid it was described and of course, how mind-boggling it was to be in a position or a world that is constantly changing. Oh I tell you, it was so riveting that I felt every emotion the characters showed. Like in Shift, I was smiling, blushing, angry or frustrated then crying the next. It was so intense and it was a good thrill that every reader needs. Perhaps, others would say it was violent, but that’s what makes it more intriguing. The happily ever after perception is so cliché that the author used it BUT made sure we will be on the edge of our seats. I just have to acknowledge the few funny antics the author inserted unexpectedly. I admit that it made me look crazy—because of the shift in reactions—laughing and smiling at myself while reading. I resisted sharing them while I was live tweeting because I want the others to savor it, too. It made me relax and have a break from such a heavy mental state I had. Control kept my mind so active that I, again, never want to put it down. It took me days to finish it because of some errands but there was this feeling that I look forward to read it as soon as possible. It was action packed and full of never ending twists that will definitely satisfy a reader.

I've already shared my favorite characters on my review about Shift before (see here) and I would like to tell you their developments. Scott, Scott, Scott. Where do I begin with you? He started as this boy who feels useless and lack of self-confidence was just an understatement. In Shift, he showed that he was more powerful than he will ever imagine. But still he didn't believe on his capabilities, on himself. As a reader, I wanted to push him to his limits and at the same time, I saw myself in him. There were times that I feel so small and I fear to commit so many mistakes. I will always second-guess my abilities even if I knew I could be more than that. Scott was also the same. Like I said, there was so much room for improvement and I believed it was filled in this book. I am so proud to say that he will find himself as you read the book and I think that’s one of the lessons the author is telling us. Sometimes we feel that our goals are so far and out of reach but achieving it will always depend on us. Our decisions make or break us. And, I think Scott was able to realize that. Now with Aubrey, there was a time I nearly got frustrated with her because I felt she was stubborn but I gave myself a slap and told myself that she was a teenager. It happens! As if I didn't went through that phase. What struck me about her was that she was able to show her vulnerable side and it was refreshing. I knew that it will be shown sooner or later, and Aubrey did not disappoint me. Since the story has heavy points, I finally appreciated the bittersweet moments between her and Scott. It was an emotional roller coaster but it was a sweet treat for the readers. With CP and Jake, I love that they stepped up their “game” in this sequel but I want to see more of them. They both are spitfires and just waiting to show more of their capabilities, and I am excited to witness that in the third installment of this series. In addition, these two deserved to be noticed for their strong impact on the whole tale. Benjo was defined so well that I always cringe whenever he was there in a specific scene. His dark aura was too strong that I feel his evil intentions and barbaric ways. It was not an enticing visualization whenever he is mentioned but I guess it added spice (did I just say that?) to the whole dish. Of course, Frankie was so influential and despite being described as charismatic and angelic, her vibes was, no doubt, way off. Both are convincing and powerful villains that gave the protagonist a challenge.

With this said, Control has no dull moment that will both enamor a reader’s heart and mind. It was under the science fiction genre but it found its way to be relatable and realistic through its characters and on how they emulated how it is to be human—how life can be at times difficult and that we should just face it, and conquer our fears. It just tells its readers that running from your choices (through Shifting) will not change anything. It will always be there but with different and maybe worse consequences. We just have to accept life’s ups and downs and go through it, and be in Control.

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