Thursday, July 18, 2013

 What I wore: top Shabby Apple • shorts bought in Bangkok • red flats Solemate • vintage bag Alviero Martini
earrings Vivilli • gold snake bangle Lockie & Lulu • sailor hat found randomly
Since the climate in our country is so bipolar that it changes from being so sunny that you cannot bear the heat to being so gloomy and non-stop drizzling of rain, there are times you will get confuse on what to wear as well. I've always been a victim of these changes that I will go out with layers of clothing thinking that it will rain since it's so dark outside but I'll end up sweaty because it turned out sunny in the afternoon, and vice versa. Crazy how everything could easily change in a snap. Anyhow, I told myself why not sport a nautical look since it was really bright outside and if it rains, I'm wearing comfy clothes. So it was a win-win situation for me.
I've always been a fan of the sailor-inspired look. The red, blue, white and stripes combination is just refreshing and of course, reminds us of the sea. Oh and don't forget the anchor symbol we usually see on shirts and accessories. Funny how I was able to achieve the look more through the use of the sailor hat and my bag. Well, I will not be lost at see because of my handy-dandy map bag. LOL
watch Gucci
Like how bipolar the weather is, I noticed that my style also exuded that quality. I could be tomboyish today to being girly the next; laid-back and casual in the morning to fabulously chic in the night. This made me look back to what my style was before. I've always been so comfortable with leggings and a shirt, or pants, or shorts, flats or slippers, depending on my mood. Then I will only add a pair of stud earrings, watch and bracelets, baller bands and bangles up to my elbow. Well, that's a bit exaggerated but that's how my friend always teased me before. But now, I will never be caught dead wearing a simple tee and pants (unless I'm just inside my house or just around the village). You know what I mean! I also outgrew stacking piles of bracelets and currently comfortable wearing a simple bangle or a staple accessory plus my watch. I don't usually wear hats before because I don't think I could wear them the whole day. I would wear caps but not hats. But look at me now! I'm loving it! I always love utilizing big bags as in humongous and spacious ones but now I learned how to use smaller purses and practice minimalism.
With writing, I was always so scared to use big words. Words that I don't think I could form a sentence with. I was reckless and will not even read what I wrote. But now, I've become so careful and try to read my work before posting it. I don't want to be caught by the grammar nazi (which I am also at times). I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm just in the process of learning because it is one of my long term goals. I've also become more patient now and less stubborn; more friendly and less snobbish-looking but still shy at times.
Well, my point here is change is the only constant thing. It is inevitable. It happens in everything we do, it happens around us, and it happens to every single person. The phase and stages varies from different persons but still it is change. Like how the wind shifts direction leading the ship and its sailors to a different course. I'm now babbling and lost in my thoughts!
 Anyway, have an amazing day everyone!

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