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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I wore: pink polo used as cover-up borrowed from my sister • white tank top bought in Bangkok • tights bought in Japan
 black beanie borrowed from my sister • earrings Vivilli
There are people who love the sunny weather. It reminds them of the beach, bikinis, sands, tan lines, adventure and pure summer fun. It also symbolizes hope and a happy disposition. On the other hand, there are those who prefer the cold weather. It makes way for cuddling, snuggling, thick layers of clothing, boots, rain, puddles of water or even snow. It connotes darkness, fear, and even at times, melancholy. Though I love summer, I like the rainy or cold weather even better. Aside from my love for dark hues and layers of clothing, cuddle weather promises mystery, depth and an unexplained bliss. It makes me want to relax with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book by the window or the veranda, and just appreciate the beauty or nature of everything around me.

watch Gucci • animal print coils Qoileez! • purple bangle bought in Palawan
floral boots Kicks
There are also days when we feel gloomy and get lost inside that darkness that drop on us unexpectedly. At some point, I was lost and depressed, and felt the need to soul search. There was an urge to find purpose; the meaning of life; to know the person I would become or should become. I was in a maze of unanswered questions, what ifs and worthlessness. My technicolor life was starting to look lackluster. I might have had a quarter life crisis but I remember I wasn't even twenty-three yet.
But the black veil that came upon me was lifted little by little with the help of those people around me whom I loved dearly. They served as these candles who brought light over my pitch-black world. They gave me reason to endure such a dark time and help me carry the load I could not bear myself. Sometimes that's just what we need. The assurance that everything will be fine; that you have a support group that will always be there to catch you and back you up, and remind you that you should never give up, and you can always try again; and that you are loved. That's all that matters, right? 
So I think going through a dark time is also a good thing. It will push you to your limits, even on the edge, and then there you will find your strength. There will also be a realization that you can be more and do more; that you are stronger and braver than you think you are. It also gives room for the betterment of yourself. Embrace the cold and darkness but do not forget yourself in the process. Remember to stand out like the candle in the dark.
That was what I also conveyed in this look one dusky Sunday. It was drizzling all over the metro and people tend to bask in a monotone. I also did that but I added a few touch of pink and purple for a sweet disposition. Adding a few colors wouldn't hurt and it's always a good thing, even in life.
Anyhow, I wish everyone a great day and keep reading!

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