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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This was taken during the AnimoFest! last February. Sorry for the very late post but better late than never, right? Abi, Danna, Miho and I decided to meet up at our Alma Mater to celebrate the University Week with our fellow Lasallians and also to see the newly constructed Henry Sy building. My brother tag along with me because I want give him the DLSU experience first hand, just in case he chose to be green in the future. He has three more years to decide. Off to the outfit!
top & pink satchel bag borrowed from my sister •  Burning Fire leggings c/o Romwe • bowler hat SM Accessories (for kids)

Well, it was about time for me to wear this leggings and show them off to the world. How can you not flaunt such an amazing print? I tell you! It was quite a scene-stealer! I opted to wear a long top since I hate pairing leggings with short tops since it is not a flattering view. Trust me.

Abi's (top), Danna's (side) and mine (Bottom: L-R) watch Gucci • Easter bunny ring & mask connector ring Pampered Pumpkins • black ring borrowed from my sister • gold snake bangle c/o Lockie & Lulu
sandals SM Parisian
Sorry to keep the outfit post short today and not really detailed since we were to pre-occupied bonding and enjoying ourselves during the event. But I added a short photo diary out of collages below.
I love that close-up photo of my friends and I. Though it's blurred, it still signifies our friendship and reminded me so much of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Like the girls in that story, we were all different in terms of style and personality but jive as one core. It's cheesy, I know but it's true. (We miss you, Hsieh, Mae & Mole!)
Okay, so I think I need to explain the paint on our faces. We were not able to get those green balloon thingies and the glow sticks to sashay during the concert. So when we saw some of the booths putting glow-in-the-dark paint or glue on their faces. I told myself why not? It was a once in a lifetime kind of event since not all U-week celebrations are the same. At first, I was hesitant and urge my brother to do it and he did. I was kind of jealous and would love to experience a painted face during a celebration ala Sinulog or Coachella. So I gave in. How do we look? My brother was hailed Bonakid though since he was only eleven that time and because of the blue paint on his face. LOL.
It was an awesome night and we partied the night away. Though we went home early since I had a curfew that night (Hello babysitter to my brother!), we still had fun and it was the most awesome U-week I have attended yet.

Have a great day everyone and hope you enjoyed this post!

(Photos by Abi Viesca)

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