Mane Tales: Lolane Z Cool Hair Dye Review

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It is a main problem for us who dyed our hair when our roots are starting to show. It looks ombre in a weird kind of way. Mine was starting to show and it was about time to had it recolored. It took me a few months and finally last February, my sister Arianne, who is my hair dye partner in crime bought lots of hair goodies to try, both for me and her. I told her to get me a hair color in a shade near brown and blonde but not as light as the latter. I wanted to keep the shade I have. So she got me these. Two bottles of Lolane Z Cool in Very Light Intense Golden Blonde. To tell you honestly, I was anxious to do it since I might scared to get too blonde because of the very light shade shown on the box but I did not want her efforts to go to waste so I did it.
It was a pretty big box compared to the Japanese brand I used last time. It showed a very strong color in the model so I assumed it will be that light and that effective. I was not able to take a photo of the contents but it has a plastic cover to wear to avoid stain on your shirt, a cup to mix the dye, a tube of dye and a conditioner sachet to use after the whole treatment.

What disappointed me was the content. It has a big tube which we assumed would be able to cover my very thick hair. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to cover most of my top roots and left a half to an inch shown which defeats the purpose of recoloring my hair. I remember when I used the Japanese brand before I also used two boxes but they were smaller compare to the Z Cool ones. It was able to cover my hair and we even had an excess of hair dye that I was able to share with our helper. While the Z Cool ones was drained to the point that we were trying to clean the cup of dye and putting it all on my hair. Also based on my observation, I think it doesn't last that long since the visibility of my roots are now bigger compare to what was left of it after dyeing it. But on the good point, what I loved was the conditioning treatment afterwards because after using it, my hair was really soft and it smells so good. No need to use the comb to brush your hair.
It was not as light as I expected it to be so thank God I am not blonde yet and have no plans to be one. It has the shade as my previous hair color so after I dried my hair, my initial reaction was "That was it? Nothing happened? No changes?" At least it was able to stick to my old shade. Here are my photos before and after using Lolane Z Cool Hair Dye so you can see the comparison. The latter though was exposed to the sun so the shade looks brighter.
Before & After
  • If you really have thick hair like mine and you'll try this hair dye, get at least three bottles to cover your hair. It will also vary depending on the length of your hair.

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