Book Review: Emilie & the Hollow World by Martha Wells

Monday, March 11, 2013

Emilie & the Hollow World by Martha Wells
(Started: March 04, 2013; Finished: March 10, 2013)

While running away from home for reasons that are eminently defensible, Emilie’s plans to stow away on the steamship Merry Bell and reach her cousin in the big city go awry, landing her on the wrong ship and at the beginning of a fantastic adventure. 
Taken under the protection of Lady Marlende, Emilie learns that the crew hopes to use the aether currents and an experimental engine, and with the assistance of Lord Engal, journey to the interior of the planet in search of Marlende’s missing father. 
With the ship damaged on arrival, they attempt to traverse the strange lands on their quest. But when evidence points to sabotage and they encounter the treacherous Lord Ivers, along with the strange race of the sea-lands, Emilie has to make some challenging decisions and take daring action if they are ever to reach the surface world again. (From Goodreads)
Review: 3 stars
Release Date: April 02, 2013
Source: ARC was sent by Angry Robots (Strange Chemistry) through Netgalley
Starting with the cover, I think it was really interesting since it highly depicts what the book is ll about. Through the design, I knew that there will be a whole lot of an adventure even if I have not read the book. It is a great cover with an old vibe to it.

To be honest, it is the first steam-punk novel I have ever encountered. I have never in my life read that genre and it was quite a breath of fresh air to be opened to a new one, new land, a new world. If you are a fan of such, it would be definitely a light read and a very well-appreciated story. Don't get me wrong, I did appreciate Emilie's adventure in the Hollow World but I read it in a very slow pace. I guess I was not that engaged and I was having a hard time imagining it despite my very creative mind. I had a few moments where I could get a few glimpse of their world in my mind but still found myself having a hard time. It was like reading it but the information was not really registering. I guess, I should read more steam-punk novels and be more exposed to it to fully have a grip on it.

Anyhow, it was well written and has great verbiage which I commend. It also somehow reminded me of Avatar for some reason especially when I met Rani and Kenar. It's totally different but I randomly remembered them while reading the book. I also like to point out how women were empowered in this novel. It's really a good feeling when the female protagonist or even the other female characters are independent, strong-willed and strong-minded, and adventurous. It inspires a reader like me and all the other girls or women out there. Adventure-wise, I was greatly satisfied in which I clearly enjoyed.

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