Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm wearing: green pullovers Forever 21  shorts Aeropostale  gray tank top bought in Bangkok
I wore this outfit when I went out with the family on the first week of March. We all felt the shift in temperature and the heat was unbearable. I told myself that yes, it is already summer. Goodbye thick knitted cardigans and sweaters, pants and tights. Say hello to mini skirts and shorts, tank tops and sleeveless blouse. I know we could all agree that we would love to show some skin as much as possible to give it a breather. I, for one, get really irritated when my leggings or pants stick to my skin. It is due to the tight garments and we would all wear clothes that are loose to let the air seep in. Hence, the pullovers. It balanced my outfit and still is conservative despite wearing shorts.

(L-R) black metal chain with rhinestones c/o Reese & Taylor • watch Casio • gold on white shamballa bracelet c/o Cutey • pink ribbon ring Forever 21 • green bangles borrowed from my sister
pink satchel gift from a friend • emerald loafers with tassels SM Parisian
Rossini earrings c/o Elegante Boutique

Braids are such a hit again nowadays that everyone is sporting different sorts. I lack talent in the make-up and hair fixing department that's why I usually ask my mom, my sister or helper to do it for me. I am such a tomboy that I am happy with just a ponytail and rely on my mom to fix it with a head band or with different hair accessories. I didn't even bother learning since I did not really care at all and busy indulging myself with books and toys. Would you believe that I learned doing the ponytail when I was in first or second year high school. Embarrassing, right? But I make it a point to learn them to be a late lady-in-the-making. LOL.
Back to braids, it is summer so girls should give in to the trend and try out the different types, whether it may be the fishtail, the Katniss Everdeen, or just the waterfall. One word: EXPERIMENT.
Moreover, I advice you to play with colors by mixing and matching them. You'll be surprise that one hue can actually compliment another shade that you don't expect to go well together. Also, I believe in reusing old pieces of clothing. I know that women cannot resist retail therapy but recreating looks is challenging and the best way to experiment.

Alongside the fact that we were trying to get proper lighting, I was also in the process of overcoming my fear of heights which I did by sucking it all up and posing as if I love being on top of the world (literally). How I wish I can eventually break free from having height fright so I can ride those death-defying and exhilarating rides. Sigh. Well, at least I felt I was on top of the world for once. Somehow.
I just adore my hair here. I don't know it looks ombre-fied! Haha! Thanks to Mr. Sun! Does ombre suit me though?


I don't know if all of you know this but a few weeks ago, the news of Google Reader's sudden demise on July went viral and shocked the blogger world. But don't fret! There is a great alternative which I have been using ever since: BLOGLOVIN. Honestly, I use that more often since it is user-friendly and more organized. It is easy to join and to create an account. Plus, do you know that you can actually transfer your Google Reader feed to Bloglovin? Easy peasey, right? So head on to Bloglovin now and let's keep in touch!

You can also share your links so I can check out your blogs! :)
PS. What do you think of my photo edits? Err. I'm still a beginner though. Let me know!
Have a great weekend ahead!

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